The Magic Mushroom Gallery
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Spuistraat 249, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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SRBZ&Sorbiz - 2 weken geleden
Very prepareted person you can ask everything with confidence and the staff give to you every answers
Paul Nogal - 5 maanden geleden
The owner takes the time to explain everything you need to understand what you are buying, with Italian style
An Ko - 6 maanden geleden
nice place
Semih Gökcek - 7 maanden geleden
Prices are low and good service and professional help is provided! Please make sure you ask for advice if you are inexperienced. Consume safely!
A Google User - 7 maanden geleden
Prices are low and good service and professional help is provided! Please make sure you ask for advice if you are inexperienced. Consume safely!
Gul Ramani - 1 jaar geleden
A great place to buy magic mushrooms. It was my first time doing them and the man behind the till was very knowledgeable and was able to advise us as we literally knew nothing about taking magic mushrooms. I would return here if I were to take them again.
Matthew Square - 1 jaar geleden
My girlfriend and I went to this shop because we wanted to try truffles for the first time. The shop owner proved to be kind and helpful and gave us all the information to have a good trip. he wished us a good trip and officially welcomed us to the club. If you follow everything you are told, fun is guaranteed. We will certainly be back
Jack Nicklas - 1 jaar geleden
First time taking truffles, guy in the store was super friendly, explained everything before hand which really put me at ease, gave me the perfect dose for my first time. Felt pretty mashed but had the best time! Cant wait to come back and try again! Wouldnt go anywhere else for them now
Tostibrand - 1 jaar geleden
Fun little smart shop, you can also get souvenir's here
Zain A - 1 jaar geleden
If you are looking for a boost of happiness then this is the store. Almost all kinds of cannabis is sold here...even the seeds. There are cannabis cakes and other items that one has never heard of. Also, there are different types and grades of the green vege so you'd best ask the staff on their recommendation. Do remember that it is not legal in many countries if you intend to bring this back.
Kamyliah U - 1 jaar geleden
Lovely shop and lovely staff that is always there to help you make your best choice! Definitely will be coming back there on my next holidays! Can't wait! See you next time!
Janne Pitkänen - 1 jaar geleden
Beginner truffle explorer here. The kind lady took a moment to explain what I should take and how to properly prepare for the experience. Had a wonderful and educational trip with the Dragon Slayer truffle. Giggles, beauty and clarity!
Anna Vee - 1 jaar geleden
Cool shop, lots to pick from. I was a bit overwhelmed and asked for suggestions looking for a truffle with a hallucinogenic effect. The saleswoman suggested dragonslayer, I took it on an empty stomach. But my experience was 90% laughing and 10% brighter color vision, but no hallucinations. I had fun for sure but it was not what I was hoping for. Still very cool shop, definitely worth a visit, even if it’s just to look around!
C-Man the seaman - 1 jaar geleden
Such an awesome shop! So many awesome things to buy. The friendly personal explained me everything about truffles and answered all my questions. With the good recommendation from the crew, me and my friends had a amazing evening/night. Dragonslayer just blow my mind. Definitely will come again. Thanks for that!
Kelly Chen - 1 jaar geleden
Interesting place to see even if you're not buying anything. Unsure of the quality of the products. I asked the shop attendant about the ice cream, but he told me it's fake - just artificial flavoring

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