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Oudezijds Voorburgwal 248-BG, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Henry Davies - 4 maanden geleden
Very helpful shop assistant
Pedrão Oliveira - 7 maanden geleden
Amazing people are working here!
Anthony Foran - 7 maanden geleden
Really nice shop. The lady behind the counter was very nice , good chat and good vibes. A massive selection of clipper lighters too!
Polar 37 - 10 maanden geleden
The Staff here is just the best! This is the smartshop to visit if you want to visit a smartshop
Aaron Martinez - 1 jaar geleden
Great, helpful and kind staff. Helped me chose a truffle that would give me some nice visuals. Just as a warning however the new to the market Pink Paradise truffles at 20g made my stomach violently I'll for 36 hours. All I ate in this period of time was a slice of cheesecake and I had stomach convulshions the entire time. The visuals were indeed great. Peacock colors and fractals but not worth the horrible stomach ache.
Silver AlBaghli - 1 jaar geleden
Ben was a great help. He was very honest and helpful. 10/10
Keel S - 1 jaar geleden
Great customer service. I only had 1 hour in Amsterdam and the owner was extremely helpful. I’ll be back.
Chris-Hendrik Renard - 2 jaar geleden
The guys in the shop are so real and gave us so much good tips to eat some good old Trüffels.Thumps up boys. We will come back.
Alberto Crosignani - 2 jaar geleden
The guy at the counter is very kind and nice and will explain everything you need to know! Had my first experience with truffles with those bought from this shop and everything went good!
Max Mühlich - 2 jaar geleden
Extremely kind staff, they awnser every question you ask and the old lady is always up to a good talk. Also she can tell you a short story on how your grinder is made and where it comes from. From like over 30 smarthshops I've visited in Amsterdam this is the best!
Menno Roemer - 2 jaar geleden
Great smartshop, staff really takes the time to explain you all the things you want to know! Everyone, from people with little experience to frequent users, are at the right place here.
Edward Pattinson - 3 jaar geleden
Just had a look, not my thing
Douglas Allen - 4 jaar geleden
Awesome shop! Marta was extremely helpful and friendly. I am looking forward to visiting again.

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