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Chlochlo - 2 maanden geleden
for the first truffle experience ! It was so cool and happy fun! The staffs are so helpful and friendly kind. Thank you for guiding us to choose the product. Can’t wait to try other magic truffles!
Darcy Dunn - 2 maanden geleden
Cute shop with a decent variety of smoking accessories, candies, cookies, and other edible cannabis goodness! Highly recommended if you're into this sort of thing.
bruno lotycz - 2 maanden geleden
The store it self is good and the people that work there are very friendly, the only thing is that the truffles didn’t work on me nor my sister. We where recommended the weakest ones (dutchii), we took them at around 15:00 and at 19:00 ish we went back to the store, where they gave us the strongest ones, which didn’t work either. I was a bit disappointed but oh well not their fault.
Ryan Raikoh - 4 maanden geleden
The high recommendations are highly justified....went in with little to no knowledge as a first time user and the lovely girl behind the counter was so patient answering my questions even the dumbest ones and highly appreciated her suggestions since I had the best trip ever on Tampanensis....thank you, will definately come back and spread the word. Love from Malta
Obsterpouspug - 4 maanden geleden
Clearly a tourist trap, i was told salvia would be a strong experience. First the guy tried to make me pay 37€ for it (on the sticker it was 15€) the guy told us it was 4 hits I took the 4 at once. Absolutely nothing, it was like he gave me tea or something. Decoration is decent but avoid buying at this shop at all cost.
Daany der_Renegade - 5 maanden geleden
Very nice store and the ladies were extremely helpful in how and where to take the truffles. We wanted a strong one but because it was our first time, the lady advised against it and recommended a lighter one. I did get nauseous from them about 2-3 hours in but my friend had no side effects whatsoever and ended up having a good time. Might be willing to give them a second try as maybe this was for me just beginners bad luck.
Tina Cvetkovic - 6 maanden geleden
This is my second time to come to this place! First time was amazing! But now, i am not sure what happened but, employee didn’t helps at all, truffles doesn’t work… really disappointed
Deniz Akgeyik - 7 maanden geleden
Yesterday we were helped by a very smart and funny guy Donny. He was very professional and gave us a lot of information. We are from Istanbul and wantes to try some things here in Amsterdam. We will stay here for a while so we willen come back for sure. Hopefully we will see Donny again: )
D S - 7 maanden geleden
We bought an extra strong truffle, the Dragonslayer. And? Nothing. No visual nor any other effect on any of us. Despite us following all instructions. Big disappointment. I went to the store next day again and discussed the topic openly with Leo, a friendly service staff. Since I did indeed follow the instructions, Leo gave me an even stronger truffle; this time I took two packages 2x 10g. In the evening I took the first package and had no effect again. After two hours I took the second 10g and then finally, I had a very strong trip. Not necessarily a nice experience I would want to repeat, but I can check magic mushrooms off my bucket list.
Vang Xiong - 8 maanden geleden
Very knowledgeable staff with honest, practical advice and recommendations based on your interests. One of the best trips I’ve ever had!
Dino Budimlic - 8 maanden geleden
Very beautiful lady with such a great knowledge. That is how shopping experience should be. Answer on any question She even refused to sell to customer before , which I respect a lot
vinay hadimani - 9 maanden geleden
Great experience and very friendly and informative
Brant Cannabis - 9 maanden geleden
Great staff. Very clear direction on how to consume truffle. The most knowledgeable in the city.
Ivana Radońćaj - 10 maanden geleden
This mushrooms dont have any psychodelic working...
ahmed al-harthi - 10 maanden geleden
Great but needs to bring a stronger truffles
Kerry Ozzie19 - 11 maanden geleden
Buy in the other store. The seller sold us a box of mushroom already open, without the vacuum bag and missing 2g. . It was last Sunday 26/06 in the afternoon. This is very disappointing
Giovanni Bertocci (Siddharta) - 11 maanden geleden
Bought some truffles, no particular indications were given apart from the online "do's and don't 's". Followed them step by step, still puked 20 minutes later out of nowhere! Idk if it was me doing something wrong, but there certainly are better smart shops to go to. Retrospectively, I've been a bit rough... truffles are always disgusting and lots of people puke because of them... what I was complaining for was the service, which wasn't too bad nor good.
Xiaohan Song - 1 jaar geleden
Staff was friendly and helpful to explain everything since we are the first users. The experience was slightly interesting but had some headaches after this…
Zhuona - 1 jaar geleden
Kind of disappointed. My friend and I picked this shop after looking at Google ratings but unfortunately we didn’t have a great experience. As beginners we were suggested to use Dutchii. The owner didn’t give us any tips on how to use it. (He didn’t look happy that day
Luan Zhang - 1 jaar geleden
We as 2 beginners tried the truffles recommended by owner on different days and our experiences are totally different from each other. Shop owner was very nice and knowledged, also very responsible as he suggested us rather not buy another dose within one week :) Some tips for beginners like us: 1. Find a place quiet and avoid crowded places to start your trip in case you are nervous about others. This is important cause you may feel kinda stressed and depressed if you are exposed to a lot of people and unable to conceal your facial emotions 2. If possible, find a friend who is sober and able to take care of you when necessary. Taking my personal experience as example, I had moments where I felt like literatelly being a child again, uncapable to carry out things on my own. My friend helped me with all the matters on the trip. Overall it was a really once-in-a-lifetime experience and I wouldn't regret it. Prepare some time for the truffles and enjoy :)
Ricky Tapia - 1 jaar geleden
Dolphin its a nice trip
yenty22 - 1 jaar geleden
Great knowledge and friendly staff
Giovanni Bertocci - 1 jaar geleden
Bought some truffles, no particular indications were given apart from the online "do's and don't 's". Followed them step by step, still puked 20 minutes later out of nowhere! Idk if it was me doing something wrong, but there certainly are better smart shops to go to.
Zenon Free - 2 jaar geleden
AVOID! Box of trufles I bought was open and product inside was mouldi couldn't notice at the time because it got wrapped in paper... shame that place's like this sell medicine like that it could be anything inside that box so just chucked it in bin disappointed.
Buddha - 3 jaar geleden
Awesome selection of wares. Easy layout to pop in and out quickly
Gilbert Murillo - 3 jaar geleden
I went there with a friend and the woman on the counter knew we where waiting there for few minutes and instead of saying to wait a couple of minutes she remained silent. My friend looked on the papers that were on the counter and the woman spoke in a very rude way to her which my friend told her to calm her down and the woman still instead of wanting to help she got mad so we decided to leave. The service was really bad or non existent.
Andrew Geimar - 3 jaar geleden
What an amazing experience. Owner was very knowledgeable and provided an excellent description of products and what the best way to take it. Good customer service and nice environment.
Yair Attar - 3 jaar geleden
Amazing store but even more amazing is the service! Charlie was very nice, explaining everything and she even had great recommendations how and where we should experience it with this heat
michel veerkamp - 3 jaar geleden
Absolutely the best smartshop in Amsterdam! The staff is very knowledgeable so they give great advice! They are so nice and really take the time to explain everything. Big hug, and see you again soon!
Ryan S - 3 jaar geleden
Good stuff, and a friendly service who will help you to find what you're looking for so you can be sure that you have a good trip. Plenty of different choices on the mushroom menu with a clear guide of what experience each will give you.
Aqua Opia - 4 jaar geleden
Blunt wraps n truffles. Seek advice on how to do these properly. Cool spot tho.

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