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Spuistraat 249, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Albert “NaVaS95” Navarro - 4 weeks ago
Best travel agency in the Netherlands, I've been in Santa's Town. Even though we didn't find any gnome, we enjoyed the trip. Sincerely cool guys and well explained. And if you're not sure what you're looking for or any inconvenience, the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.
Terra Scott - 1 month ago
Okay if you’re interested in “truffles” this is the store to go to. The guy was very informative and even though I couldn’t buy any or try any (I get tested at my job) I thought it was very eduacational and I learned a lot… Plus, there was so much in there I didn’t even know what half of it was!!
Nicolas Charabora - 1 month ago
Best place. I went in 2019. Giving you the best advice and confidence. If I know someone who goes to amsterdam the first thing I recommend is this place. Greetings from Argentina! Son lo mejor! Tengo una foto con el español, un genio, pero me la guardo para nosotros.
I S - 2 months ago
Had a good product and instructions. It seems they don't want to sell the strongest stuff to beginners, which is fine. Enough tourists are messed up.
Inkby Tr3s - 2 months ago
A warm welcome from the man behind the desk very informative. The liquids were not recommended for truffle use. Furthermore, my wife and I would like to thank Doni very much for all the recommendations and patience in Amsterdam. We'll be right back in the spring ❤️ Wa salamalaikum brother
Jenni Finch - 3 months ago
Super helpful woman working at the store helped us pick out some great truffles and gave us yummy chocolate to go with them. She told us exactly what to do and we followed what she said and truly had one of the greatest afternoon/experiences of our lives. Magical ❤️ thank you so much!
aiste varanaviciute - 3 months ago
The place is nice, the staff is friendly and really helped my friends with their decision. They had a really good experience.
Nik P - 4 months ago
I came to this store bcs of positive reviews..told them honestly its my first time,i want some tips..advices..recommendations.. they gave me 10g of Dutchii and some chocolate..i did everythig like it should be trip.. this is tourist trap..avoid this store
Julian - 6 months ago
Nice place, but truffles had no effect :)
Rui Baiao - 6 months ago
Great variety of product but most importantly an amazing staff. Very responsible and professional advise on dosage, timing and setting when taking truffles. Would definitely recommend.
Stefano Angiola - 7 months ago
We had an amazing experience here…. The guy with long hair was fantastic and he explained well All the mushrooms and what you have to expect in the trip. We had a magic, beautiful, powerful trip in Vondelpark. Was ONE of the best experience in my life , i saw inside myself and have answers to some life’s questions Very very high reccomend. Also other staff was super kind. Good job
Iris Homer - 7 months ago
Good place. I like to get my papers here. Also got a cute baby Yoda bong for a great price. I also really like getting a good laugh out of the corny wall art they sell
Michal Tomko - 7 months ago
Great mushroom shop! The staff is really helpful and gives you advice on dosing.
Io - 7 months ago
What can i say... perfect.. fast delivery, customer service very professional and product exellent. God bless you all!
Matthew Telles - 7 months ago
An excellent array of funny and humour products containing some that are also useful as well. The names tells all, and you can instantly see what kind of shop it is going to be. It doesn't disappoint and is a very intesting place that is not suitable for kids, no matter how much if looks like it is. It is very clear about what it is though, so you don't have to worry. Overall I'd definitely recommend this place as it contains a lot of funny or interesting products, has a nice staff work force, and is also fun to look around.
Elise de Boer - 7 months ago
It's a great store to visit and i highly recommend it to go there. One of the employees, Danny helped me a lot and knows a lot about the products. What a great service! Very interesting what he told me so I will come back for sure.
almond nirvana - 8 months ago
It’s a little psychonaut spot. Would love to visit there again
giorgi xinchagishvili - 8 months ago
Amazing shop! Amaizing staff! They know what you need.
Anna Russell - 9 months ago
Never received my package in Denmark! I can see it was shipped and I’ve been closely following the tracking. It’s been 1 month!
Kerriann Cudden - 9 months ago
Most knowledgeable staff who won't just sell you anything, they really take the time to ensure the right products for you personally
Derek o beirnes - 10 months ago
Great guy at the counter, gave us good friendly advice and truffles
collette mahmood - 11 months ago
The man who works here is the kindest most patient soul. He explained exactly what we needed to do to have a good experience, took his time, and he was so right. Thank you!!
Dj BLISS DEBLAST - 1 year ago
Super fast, order arrive on time without delay
Cristina Labra - 1 year ago
The guys are amazing U can ask everything u want to know and the are so patient and helpful.
Hanji Minh - 1 year ago
The owner is very enthusiastic. Will visit again
Matthew Mellows - 1 year ago
Shout out to the Spanish fella who kindly helped me and my gf with choosing the right truffles, really nice place, great customer service would recommend to anyone thinking of tripping for the first time!
Johnny SH - 1 year ago
Super nice and super helpful. I will definetly come back.
Noah van Mierlo - 1 year ago
First time in a shop like this – my American friend and I spoke at length with the tan, Spanish-sounding employee, who was very kind and explained everything we need to know about truffles. What a kind guy. We never got to return but we are ever so grateful to this place and that man! (this was august 5 in the evening). Hope to see you again soon!
Vadim Tkacenko - 1 year ago
Best smartshop i’ve visited. Lots of goodies that can make your vacation sweeter
Debdut Mukhopadhyay - 1 year ago
Greggory is the kindest soul in the Amsterdam. He guided me and my friend on how to use the truffles and we had a great experience. Highly recommended.
Deepak Chandramohan - 1 year ago
Best place... if its your first time follow everything the guy tells you... You will have a life-changing experience 100% recommend
Kaloyan Penkov - 1 year ago
Very nice customer service.Very goood truffels. Thank you.
Lucky Cat - 1 year ago
Good range of products and helpful service
Eleanor-Rose Barfield - 1 year ago
Staff are very friendly, merchandise (stuff they sell) is average.
Anthony Garcia (Nice Lasers) - 1 year ago
Solid clean shop with awesome gifts for pretty much anyone. Highly recommend! Nice neighborhood as well.
Yue CHENG - 1 year ago
A very commercial store, the owner anxiously wants you to leave to receive the next customer
Federico Sorbo - 2 years ago
Very prepareted person you can ask everything with confidence and the staff give to you every answers
SRBZ&Sorbiz - 2 years ago
Very prepareted person you can ask everything with confidence and the staff give to you every answers
Guardian Angel - 2 years ago
Nice bright and lively place to get shrooms, and unique gifts, love it!
Paul Nogal - 2 years ago
The owner takes the time to explain everything you need to understand what you are buying, with Italian style
An Ko - 2 years ago
nice place
A Google User - 2 years ago
Prices are low and good service and professional help is provided! Please make sure you ask for advice if you are inexperienced. Consume safely!
Semih Gökcek - 2 years ago
Prices are low and good service and professional help is provided! Please make sure you ask for advice if you are inexperienced. Consume safely!
Gul Ramani - 3 years ago
A great place to buy magic mushrooms. It was my first time doing them and the man behind the till was very knowledgeable and was able to advise us as we literally knew nothing about taking magic mushrooms. I would return here if I were to take them again.
Matthew Square - 3 years ago
My girlfriend and I went to this shop because we wanted to try truffles for the first time. The shop owner proved to be kind and helpful and gave us all the information to have a good trip. he wished us a good trip and officially welcomed us to the club. If you follow everything you are told, fun is guaranteed. We will certainly be back
Jack Nicklas - 3 years ago
First time taking truffles, guy in the store was super friendly, explained everything before hand which really put me at ease, gave me the perfect dose for my first time. Felt pretty mashed but had the best time! Cant wait to come back and try again! Wouldnt go anywhere else for them now
Tostibrand - 3 years ago
Fun little smart shop, you can also get souvenir's here
Zain A - 3 years ago
If you are looking for a boost of happiness then this is the store. Almost all kinds of cannabis is sold here...even the seeds. There are cannabis cakes and other items that one has never heard of. Also, there are different types and grades of the green vege so you'd best ask the staff on their recommendation. Do remember that it is not legal in many countries if you intend to bring this back.
Kamyliah U - 3 years ago
Lovely shop and lovely staff that is always there to help you make your best choice! Definitely will be coming back there on my next holidays! Can't wait! See you next time!
Janne Pitkänen - 3 years ago
Beginner truffle explorer here. The kind lady took a moment to explain what I should take and how to properly prepare for the experience. Had a wonderful and educational trip with the Dragon Slayer truffle. Giggles, beauty and clarity!
Anna Vee - 3 years ago
Cool shop, lots to pick from. I was a bit overwhelmed and asked for suggestions looking for a truffle with a hallucinogenic effect. The saleswoman suggested dragonslayer, I took it on an empty stomach. But my experience was 90% laughing and 10% brighter color vision, but no hallucinations. I had fun for sure but it was not what I was hoping for. Still very cool shop, definitely worth a visit, even if it’s just to look around!
C-Man the seaman - 3 years ago
Such an awesome shop! So many awesome things to buy. The friendly personal explained me everything about truffles and answered all my questions. With the good recommendation from the crew, me and my friends had a amazing evening/night. Dragonslayer just blow my mind. Definitely will come again. Thanks for that!
Kelly Chen - 3 years ago
Interesting place to see even if you're not buying anything. Unsure of the quality of the products. I asked the shop attendant about the ice cream, but he told me it's fake - just artificial flavoring

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