The Headshop B.V.
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Kloveniersburgwal 39, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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jay mishra - 4 months ago
Super cool place
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky - 6 months ago
Since it will be my first time taking mushrooms, I went there with the hope to be informed and reassured about it all. The person who served me was tripping crazily, narrow pupils and staring at my chest all the time while talking. This on a Monday afternoon... Far from what you can call professional. Both in and outside the box it is written 'Read flyer first!', and I realise that a flyer is not something I was handed with my purchase. Not a very reassuring thing for a first time user. Seeing how many positive reviews this shop has, and it's long time tradition, I guess they just need to shape up and educate their staff better?
Dimitri Butts - 7 months ago
Best shop for truffles in central Amsterdam. The vibe was immaculate, the shop manager Gary and the other assistant (len) or something close to that was dope af! Energy was amazing soon as I walked in the door, they treat each person like a friend rather than just a customer.. real deal cool people. Stop on in and see their selection, Enjoying my “ride” as I type this,
Harry - 7 months ago
Got some Truffles from here. The staff were very helpful with choosing what I should have as a semi-first timer and was obviously quite knowledgeable in the field. Ended up taking the Truffle a day after and it was a really good high, with the only downside being that the truffle itself tasted horrible haha I'll definitely come back for a stronger one during my next Amsterdam trip! (Pun not intended haha)
Jaamaan123 Paat - 9 months ago
Cool smoke shop. Nice selection
venugopal kankani - 11 months ago
I tried the truffles for the first time and got them from this shop. Good prices and a lot of choices. But as a first timer, I totally relied on the shop assistant’s advice and it was perfect. He told me what I was looking for and suggested me accordingly and also how much I should take as per my weight. Also gave me some advice on after effects. I really had a great time and can recommend this place definitely for the first time buyers.
Mariann Guevara - 11 months ago
Very knowledgeable, kind and helpful in choosing something of our liking
Patrick Richell - 1 year ago
Really really helpful and put my girlfriends mind at rest with dosage :)
Emanuele Quaranta - 1 year ago
All the shops by the Tatanka chain are amazing! If you need anything from truffles to any natural product or supplements this place is the go to in amsterdam!
Javi G - 1 year ago
Carlos the best staff, very nice advising.
Nils - 1 year ago
Nice minimalst shop. Got everything you need.
Belto Sage - 1 year ago
Visiting here was a pleasant experience overall. I did not have much expectations walking in but the people present at the time were very friendly and I got a good vibe from everyone around me. Wide variety of vape products and juices.
ED - 2 years ago
NOT in store shopping. website does NOT say you are forced to use mobile banking app. we travel for nothing.
Stefan Roesch - 2 years ago
Great staff
Anthony P - 3 years ago
WoW Amazing Store. I came inside last Thursday 12.03.20 and there was a very friendly young lady with short hair. She gave me a very very good information about my request. It was all about Truffels. So i decided to choose Atlantis (10g 14€). And my resume is AMAZING! Thank you very very much for my nice Trip! I was even lucky that the City was quiet empty. See you next time, for sure.
stephonne chien - 3 years ago
Huge variety of affordable silver accessories!
Charlie travler - 3 years ago
Came to the headshop for truffles had the best experience and the staff very helpful and friendly
A Google user - 3 years ago
Visiting here was a pleasant experience overall. I did not have much expectations walking in but the people present at the time were very friendly and I got a good vibe from everyone around me. Wide variety of vape products
Emma Greenwood - 3 years ago
Love this shop - really friendly, helpful staff who are even patient when they have drunk customers. The lovely assistant helped me when choosing rings and was really good to me!! 100% recommend
Jyoti Shetty - 3 years ago
I just loved this place great location and superb staff. Being an Indian I was so happy to meet the half Indian stunning girl who was the assistant at this quaint shop. I have lovely photos of her and the owner but won't put it up respecting their privacy. Pls can I contact the pretty assistant I want to send her photos. Best regards Jyoti
Igor Riz - 5 years ago
First time we visited this shop to buy the truffles. In the shop there are a lot of goods with good price and shop assistant was very friendly. After use the truffles we got a lot of questions, so we returned to the shop for consultations. The shop assistants was very politely and help us to understand features of use the truffles. In my mind it is a really good shop , special for people without great experience. Always will help to understand what will be better for you and answer any questions about their goods!

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