The Headshop B.V.
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Kloveniersburgwal 39, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Anthony P - 6 maanden geleden
WoW Amazing Store. I came inside last Thursday 12.03.20 and there was a very friendly young lady with short hair. She gave me a very very good information about my request. It was all about Truffels. So i decided to choose Atlantis (10g 14€). And my resume is AMAZING! Thank you very very much for my nice Trip! I was even lucky that the City was quiet empty. See you next time, for sure.
Valerii Novokhyzhnii - 10 maanden geleden
The stuff is very kind and helpful. Prices are fare. Highly recommend to visit
Charlie travler - 11 maanden geleden
Came to the headshop for truffles had the best experience and the staff very helpful and friendly
Belto Ellis - 11 maanden geleden
Visiting here was a pleasant experience overall. I did not have much expectations walking in but the people present at the time were very friendly and I got a good vibe from everyone around me. Wide variety of vape products
Emma Greenwood - 1 jaar geleden
Love this shop - really friendly, helpful staff who are even patient when they have drunk customers. The lovely assistant helped me when choosing rings and was really good to me!! 100% recommend
Jyoti Shetty - 1 jaar geleden
I just loved this place great location and superb staff. Being an Indian I was so happy to meet the half Indian stunning girl who was the assistant at this quaint shop. I have lovely photos of her and the owner but won't put it up respecting their privacy. Pls can I contact the pretty assistant I want to send her photos. Best regards Jyoti

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