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Chen Rabi - 2 months ago
Nice seller high quality for sure pink paradise amazing
Marissa Q - 4 months ago
What a pleasant and great experience. Roy/Sohail spoke with me for as long as I needed and was patient and knowledgeable. This is the only place I’ll go for now on.
Yanni Vasilakopoulos - 8 months ago
Best shop in Amsterdam!!! Suhail gives you the best products at the best prices.. highly recommended!!!
Jenny Villabona - 1 year ago
Sohail was very helpful and nice!
Julian Belanger - 1 year ago
Greetings from Germany, i do love Sohail. Great job keep going
Slaw O - 1 year ago
Why after 10oclock its Still close
Muhammad Munir Qadir - 2 years ago
majid ghodsi - 2 years ago
NVZBL HND - 2 years ago
Went here yesterday. MDMA was not authentic and neither were the truffles. Also, they’re severely overpriced. Truffles they sell for €30 are available online for €10. Just google them. Shopkeeper was extremely cool though. Tourist trap.
Carlos Santos - 2 years ago
I was there this friday and the staff was very friendly. They informed me good in how to use their stuff. It was a great experience. Definitely recommending this shop!
R Sean Daniels MSc - 3 years ago
dont know what other review was talking about. i over paid 50eu and they gave it back. very friendly, professional... the best selection
Permafrost - 3 years ago
Allways check contents of your purchase!!! They will put it in a small bag and not going to include everything!

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