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Staalstraat 5, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Otto Juusola - 1 month ago
Best service I've ever had. Good range of quality products too!
Filippo Ruberto - 2 months ago
Good products, the staff is very friendly but is expensive.
piokom jami - 7 months ago
Its not open
ᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟ - 1 year ago
Super friendly Seller, I can recommend this Shop!
- - 1 year ago
Super friendly Seller, I can recommend this Shop!
jhon one - 1 year ago
Not selection
Timo Weege - 1 year ago
Paid more than there was on the price Tag.. and Quality was bad aswell
Max Munoz - 2 years ago
jaspal dhillon - 2 years ago
Absolute rip-off, avoid this place.
Augis Rakunas - 2 years ago
Отстой. Всё неправда, что есть в интернете об этом месте
Gerhard Botha - 2 years ago
A lot of interesting things one can find here and also for souvenirs
ajendra singh - 2 years ago
Best smartshop in Amsterdam...!!
Pieter Kops - 3 years ago
This place is a souless tourist-trap, an absolute joke. It is 2 - 3 times as exprensive as "normal" Smartshops, there are no prices anywhere, and the staff gave unwanted, nonsensical advice about microdosing after I had told him I already had experience with it. I left without buying anything and with a ugly vibe. Avoid this place at all costs.
Rabi Narayan Sahoo - 3 years ago
Please dont buy any '' herbal ecstacy cocaine absinthe '' it will be like your money in the gutter. Utter Waste of money. Not only this smartshop but each and every in Amsterdam.

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