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The Magic Mushroom Gallery
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Giovanni Bertocci - 2 months ago
Bought some truffles, no particular indications were given apart from the online "do's and don't 's". Followed them step by step, still puked 20 minutes later out of nowhere! Idk if it was me doing something wrong, but there certainly are better smart shops to go to.
Zenon Free - 1 year ago
AVOID! Box of trufles I bought was open and product inside was mouldi couldn't notice at the time because it got wrapped in paper... shame that place's like this sell medicine like that it could be anything inside that box so just chucked it in bin disappointed.
Buddha - 1 year ago
Awesome selection of wares. Easy layout to pop in and out quickly
Gilbert Murillo - 2 years ago
I went there with a friend and the woman on the counter knew we where waiting there for few minutes and instead of saying to wait a couple of minutes she remained silent. My friend looked on the papers that were on the counter and the woman spoke in a very rude way to her which my friend told her to calm her down and the woman still instead of wanting to help she got mad so we decided to leave. The service was really bad or non existent.
Andrew Geimar - 2 years ago
What an amazing experience. Owner was very knowledgeable and provided an excellent description of products and what the best way to take it. Good customer service and nice environment.
Yair Attar - 2 years ago
Amazing store but even more amazing is the service! Charlie was very nice, explaining everything and she even had great recommendations how and where we should experience it with this heat
michel veerkamp - 2 years ago
Absolutely the best smartshop in Amsterdam! The staff is very knowledgeable so they give great advice! They are so nice and really take the time to explain everything. Big hug, and see you again soon!
Ryan S - 2 years ago
Good stuff, and a friendly service who will help you to find what you're looking for so you can be sure that you have a good trip. Plenty of different choices on the mushroom menu with a clear guide of what experience each will give you.
Aqua Opia - 2 years ago
Blunt wraps n truffles. Seek advice on how to do these properly. Cool spot tho.

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