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Fullmoon Smartshop
Open now

Nieuwendijk 42, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Marco Salzgeber - 1 year ago
Best Smartshop
Buddha - 2 years ago
Amazing smart shop with nice wares and friendly staff
Haza8484 . - 2 years ago
Banging shrooms
Asad Farooq - 3 years ago
Great experience. Friendly Staff. Best prices . Highly recommended for mushrooms truffles.
Peter Scargill - 3 years ago
The Full Moon Psychedelic Smartshop is unique and very interesting for the novice visitor to Amesterdam. I spent ages just starting at the goods on display.
Phil Kirsten - 3 years ago
Awesome Shop
Captain Flexxx - 6 years ago
TiP ToP :)

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