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Rembrandt Headshop
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Nieuwendijk 48, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Golden Guide - 4 months ago
Outstanding customer service. Super friendly and welcoming
Nils - 5 months ago
Small nice shop that has everything you need!
David B - 2 years ago
Absolute tourist trap ripoff! I purchase an inexpensive but nice looking bong for my stay. When I had a chance to use it I noticed that instead of having a five-cent proper gasket between the stem and the bong, there was some type of flexible caulk! It had been painted the same color as the bong so I didn't notice it at first. I threw this pipe out after just one use. My advice is to avoid this shop.
sr thompson - 2 years ago
Pablo - 2 years ago
Friendly staff, good products!
aitzaz ahmed - 3 years ago
amazing shop.perfect place for shoppers.they got the best legal highs and magic place to buy seeds with a lot of different strains
pavlos tsi - 3 years ago
whatever you wish in Amsterdam....the place to find!
Ramesh Khadka - 4 years ago
Employees are very much trained. They have knowledge about the products. They are very helpful. Compare to other Headshop they have everything priced.

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