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Buddha Souvenir Shop
Open now

Haarlemmerstraat 30H, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Leve Levsen - 1 year ago
Zang Greiner - 3 years ago
*SCAM ARTIST* This shop sells counterfeit vaporisers. Do not trust them and please take your business elsewhere. EDIT: I wouldn't make this claim lightly. I took it back and confronted the owner, who didn't seem surprised. The actual manufacturer confirmed it's 100% a fake, and from the owner's attitude, he was fully aware of it.
Mr Ram - 3 years ago
First time in Amsterdam I saw very beautiful shop with cheap price and good products...Only here in Amsterdam you can have American and Canadian cannabis seeds strains
Mandeep singh - 3 years ago
Best cannabis oil and good collection of e-cigarette with cheap price than to go there again
kepz njie - 3 years ago
Very nice shop with lots of smoking related gadgeds and the only place where you can find good seeds and C B D oil
sonu gurjar - 3 years ago
This shop have great Vaporizer collection with best price and original stuff...Best CBD oil ..

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