Buddha Souvenir Shop
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Haarlemmerstraat 49-51, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Choudhary Deep - 8 maanden geleden
I bought my first dry herb vaporizer davinci mini from this store…I like the product very much..its really great Recommend this store
Linda - 9 maanden geleden
This shop sells fake products for example normal gummy bears without anything for 10€. Also the cashier lied to us about the products. Wouldn't recommend...
Stuart Harrell - 9 maanden geleden
Lots of great looking items. Unfortunately, a staff member chose to shadow me as if I was the only customer. I couldn't reward that behavior with buying anything there so I left.
Kaushal Chechi - 10 maanden geleden
Very nice seeds and the staff is very kind
High Dream - 10 maanden geleden
Best seeds
kamal jeet - 1 jaar geleden
Great quality of seeds. friendly staff love to visit this shop in Amsterdam
Jaskaran Singh - 1 jaar geleden
One of the best shop in Amsterdam for cannabis oil and have great veporizer collection with good price .. would like to go there again..also very friendly staff..thanks for your services budha souvenir
Leve Levsen - 2 jaar geleden
Zang Greiner - 4 jaar geleden
*SCAM ARTIST* This shop sells counterfeit vaporisers. Do not trust them and please take your business elsewhere. EDIT: I wouldn't make this claim lightly. I took it back and confronted the owner, who didn't seem surprised. The actual manufacturer confirmed it's 100% a fake, and from the owner's attitude, he was fully aware of it.
Mr Ram - 4 jaar geleden
First time in Amsterdam I saw very beautiful shop with cheap price and good products...Only here in Amsterdam you can have American and Canadian cannabis seeds strains
Mandeep singh - 4 jaar geleden
Best cannabis oil and good collection of e-cigarette with cheap price than others..love to go there again
Amanda Gochros - 4 jaar geleden
They will sell you fake cannabis oil that’s either olive oil or shampoo. There’s no way it’s real, and I can’t believe they are okay with someone trying to vape off it. What’s worse is they will switch out the fake oil with an empty one, when you ask for a bag. Scam scam scam. Stay away. What type of human being is okay with scamming another one is beyond me.
Gourav Jindal - 4 jaar geleden
Good collection of vaporizers and best price finally got wht i was looking for.
kepz njie - 4 jaar geleden
Very nice shop with lots of smoking related gadgeds and the only place where you can find good seeds and C B D oil
sonu gurjar - 4 jaar geleden
This shop have great Vaporizer collection with best price and original stuff...Best CBD oil ..

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