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Junaid Ahmed - 3 maanden geleden
The blue haired clerk at the counter very patiently, passionately and beautifully explained everything. Thank you ❤️
Fredy Estévez - 5 maanden geleden
Got a bunch of products to choose from, the trip was amazing as described in the description. Definitely gonna buy here again.
CarmenRosa MarisolZoila - 6 maanden geleden
I went to the store about 5-6 days ago. The shop assistant was one of the nicest people i have met in my entire Amsterdam stay. We told her we were first time users and she was really helpful in guiding us to the product best suited for the outcome we wanted. I wish I asked for her name because she had a literal aura about her. Please help me find her, she is Brazilian, because i really wan to thank her for everything. Keep this lady, promote her, give her a raise! ❤️
Alex Brodsky - 6 maanden geleden
Super friendly and helpful staff, we came for spores, found what we needed and then some thanks to the workers. They have a large selection, and again it's even better with the helpful staff!
Ben Jones - 9 maanden geleden
Came here to buy some truffles for our group and got fantastic customer service and the advice was spot on!! We were going to go for the weakest stuff but we're talked out of it and am very grateful for that! The potency and dosage was exactly what the doctor ordered! We bought atlantis and was told it would be perfect for a tight knit group with little to no experience in psychedelics which it definitely was! Would absolutely come back for the service and chit chat during future trips to Amsterdam! If you're looking for the Amsterdam experience then definitely check this place out
Paula Mateo-Guerrero - 9 maanden geleden
Great staff! Help with any questions or doubts you may have.
Danyel Zisman - 1 jaar geleden
Over charges and the prices may vary. Not very customer centric. Over charged tremendously and tried to over charge my friend on another item. I did knock down a case of cookies but offered to pay. Good selection of stuff just terrible service and pricing. Would avoid at all costs
Flavio Pimentel - 1 jaar geleden
Very clean, organized shop. Wide range of products and friendly, informative staff.
Илья Щедрый - 1 jaar geleden
Don't trust the reviews in terms of how good the product is. Bough Dragon 2*15g up here, 0 effect while I actually pretty low tolerant even on alcohol. And that's after I really politely explained the salesman that recently I tried Atlantis and it had 0 effect on me, he was swearing this gonna work
Sergey Goncharov - 1 jaar geleden
Came here asking to buy something and got schooled on how bad a person I am for asking to buy it and how plastics are damaging for an environment. Literally asked just one sentence before getting that lecture. Never seen in my entire life a seller that tries to make you feel bad for wanting to buy what they are selling. What a bizarre experience.
Erik Eriksson - 1 jaar geleden
My kit wasn't working even though I followed the instructions 100%. Super sterile with gloves, mask etc. I mailed them a few questions and with pictures, almost 2 weeks ago - no response. 0 customer service. Very unhappy to lose this much money for nothing.
Yohan - 1 jaar geleden
Stay away from this store. Violent speaking and execrable seller. Don't expect anything from him except bad words
ThePickBros Q - 1 jaar geleden
Awesome dude working there but maybe it's not for me.
Gianluca Mei - 1 jaar geleden
best fung in Town
Dreamcrafter of Serpent's Song - 1 jaar geleden
Small shop with helpful merchant.
Angelique Deshield - 1 jaar geleden
Friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Dimitar Vasilev - 2 jaar geleden
Friendly and professional staff, cool vibe and awesome items in the shop. Wide set of information available for all products.
Matija Sekera - 2 jaar geleden
Great place and really good people work inside. What ever you want to know you just need to ask them and they will tell you every single detail.
Fayçal Alibhaye - 2 jaar geleden
Each time in tatanka was priceless Good person inside they take the time to explain you all is necessary to enjoy the mood
Carl Dautzenberg - 3 jaar geleden
Great place! The staff are absolutely hilarious, really friendly guys working there. Have everything when it comes to a good time available here
Кирилл Евдокимов - 3 jaar geleden
Nice guy that helps for me as a beginner, good stuff. I like this :)
J Crook - 3 jaar geleden
Great shop! Fast service & good selection of products! I visited Tatanka specifically for truffles which we got! I was not disappointed.. if you have never tried them before don’t worry! The effect isn’t too much if you eat only eat a quarter. They staff are also friendly and will guide / help with any questions you have Highly recommended
Ethan Riss - 3 jaar geleden
guy behind the desk is great! way to go
April M - 3 jaar geleden
What an awesome place! Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful staff. Doesn’t get better than this!
Dave Saslow - 3 jaar geleden
Great staff very knowledgable.
The Taster - 4 jaar geleden
Liked the assistant she was helpful and knowledgeable. Advised us on our best option. We'd come back

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