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Tatanka Smartshop Amsterdam
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Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 151a, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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S A - 3 weken geleden
Great store and great people! I came to the shop to buy some truffles and Luca was a great help. He gives very good information and tips for having a great trip. He also directly spotted that my wife was having a bad trip on weed and immediately came to the rescue to help her come down. Thank you very much, Luca. We also bought a San Pedro
Carlos Tiana - 1 maand geleden
They instructed us really well for the shrooms ingest
Nikita Kurpas - 1 maand geleden
Helpful staff, good selection, but pricey
K B - 2 maanden geleden
I eat magic truffles once per year and always get them from here, the staff are very friendly and help me find the effect I'm looking for! Good selection too
R M - 2 maanden geleden
Very friendly staff and they can give you tips about safe use of their products. Would definitely go back there.
Sam Lee - 5 maanden geleden
Problem eventually resolved, nice free gift. Would give them a second chance
Viva Energia - 6 maanden geleden
You can get everything to get a smart flesh:) !
Oddbjørn Anker Gulbrandsen - 9 maanden geleden
Offers delivery service due to covid restrictions... Just one whats app call away:) Nice staff with good expirience that can answer yourw questions if you have any
Jhon Decono - 9 maanden geleden
DO NOT EVER ORDER FROM THEM ONLINE. I found this YouTuber who talked so highly about Tatanka. So I checked their website out. 10th of January 2021, I ordered High Hawaiian and Dragon Dynamite. I sent the money successfully via bank-transfer. Later the week, they sent me an email asking if the adresse in their site was correct and I approved and responded back. It is now 28th of January 2021 and I still havn't got any parcel nor update about it. Never have I heard from them again. I sent 2 email regarding that the product is still "on-hold" in the website, but never got a response.
Abdhur Rahman Thajudheen - 1 jaar geleden
The personals were super friendly and nice. Their shop was interesting and they gave away goodies for any purchase. Would definitely visit it again. I recommend this shop for tourists
Three Eyed Sheep - 1 jaar geleden
Oh. My. God. This was my absolute first time. The guy was super helpful and extremely sociable. Adorable dude. He advised us perfectly. The stuff.. damn. DAMN ! One of the best experiences of my life. Be moderate and start slow.
Florian Varga - 1 jaar geleden
Incredibly imformative help is available in this shop, with a wide range of supplies and lighters. Big recommendation!
A. H. - 1 jaar geleden
Good Shop. Friendly employee. Good consultation. Im happy and would come again.
Roque Juan - 1 jaar geleden
It's been already two months since we bought some trippy stuff here. Time enough to elaborate an accurate opinion. If I remember well, Marta was the name of the girl who helped us find what suited us better. She was really into it and made us choose the best! My cousins loved it, cheers!
Brian Jones - 1 jaar geleden
Tatanka Webshop Rules!!! Thank you Tatanka Team for sending my order in less than 24 hours from my order. The best trip that I ever had, the truffles where mega fresh and I could see and feel Amsterdam at home. I will order again soon!!!
Jink Kuru - 1 jaar geleden
Very good service and great quliaty product
William Ross - 2 jaar geleden
Super helpful, very informative, impressive selection! The best!
Georgi Ankov - 2 jaar geleden
No tracking number, no email replies, absolute scammers!!! My girlfriend ordered from Tatanka as the website looks very professional and has high reviews on google, however they do not have TrustPilot profile. Surprise, surprise..Would suggest to anyone interested in buying their products to do it from AvalonMagic.. Same products for cheaper price and delivered on time!! Its been 3 days from the order placed and no any reply from them. Took the money and disappeared..
MAPLE APPLE - 2 jaar geleden
location is easy to find, staff was SUPER helpful. Actually I still wonder how could he'd be that energetic.
Tom & Jerry - 2 jaar geleden
Sent my package but sadly as they warned Brexit is getting stricter thanks for great service and help though cheers guys also people I just wanna say if u are exercising that it takes a while to the shop to answer emails please take it from me they will get back to u they are just busy. Peace out people
Nils Trubkin - 2 jaar geleden
Probably then biggest yet honest shop. No misslabeling, they don't sell vitamins as 'drugs'. Highly recommended, good and spacy interior.

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