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Kerkstraat 119, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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vinniedus Vinniedus - 1 maand geleden
Staff provides a lot of information about their products. Which is important with smart products. Well done!
Jani Saarinen - 1 maand geleden
Nice and clean space with fairly good and wide selection. Lesley was truly a matter expert in basically everything you could find from the shop.
Azarius Smartshop - 2 maanden geleden
Spring is around the corner! And we have introduced a new range of seeds to suit your needs. Come in to speak to one of our friendly staff from Monday to Sunday. Hope you have an amazing experience. :)
Aurélie M. Stephan - 3 maanden geleden
Amazing shop! The girl gave us the greatest advices, took a lot of time to present the product and explain the different experiences. I recommend 100%
ThisDude - 3 maanden geleden
Very nice staff, great vibe. Planty of options. Lovely store and staff!
Rico F - 5 maanden geleden
This was my favourite smartshop during my recent trip to Amsterdam. We chatted with Amy who was friendly, funny and down-to-earth. She gave us lots of really helpful advice about truffles, and about Dutch culture in Amsterdam. So helpful! Thank you Amy and Azarius!
Laura Moreno - 5 maanden geleden
A great shop with an awesome store clerk who described each type of truffle perfectly and shared great tips with us. Highly recommended. we had the atlantis and it was pretty strong with mild but cool visuals.
Jinisha Padharia - 6 maanden geleden
The guy at the counter was extremely helpful with his guidance. Helped to make the whole experience safe and pleasant.
Edoardo Panebianco - 6 maanden geleden
Great stuff and also great staff! The guy at the desk was very friendly to visitors and suggested just the right shrooms to consume as a first-timer; Also, he gave us extremely precise information on how to take them. Would strongly recommend/will return again !
Scott Haller - 7 maanden geleden
Very friendly and helpful sales assistant, gave me all the advice I needed for a great trip at the beach. He'll figure your level very quickly and be very informative. The other assistant, Yuki (pictured) was very welcoming too!
Pineapple_people South_Africa - 8 maanden geleden
I was there 2 days ago when I witnessed a very grumpy customer. He was interrupting the shop assistant whilst still busy kindly helping another customer before him. The shop assistant explained nicely that they shall help him as soon as they can. When the shop assistant did, the grumpy customer was asking questions regarding micro-dosing, dancing and not tripping all in one. The shop assistant tried to dissect his jumbled questions and clearly understand what he was asking. It came out to be that he did not want to trip but dance! Therefore the shop assistant turned to indicate that there are Happy Caps - Dance E that would possibly be much more what he was wanting. NO! He spun around and left the shop grumbling under his breath! We apologized to her that he was acting in such a childish manner. The shop assistant said not to worry. That sometimes clear communication is key with a huge dose of patience! WELL DONE AZARIUS FOR DEALING WITH SUCH DIFFICULT PEOPLE SO PROFESSIONALLY!
Andrei Olaru - 8 maanden geleden
Incredibly helpful staff, store equipped with a whole bunch of a variety of products. They helped me very fast to find something that suits me.
N B - 9 maanden geleden
Very professional, clean and they take their time to explain and advise you in a deep and friendly way. Best place on Amsterdam!
Silvia Suspiria - 10 maanden geleden
Great place, I was buying mushroom from Italy already 20 years ago and now that I live here I went to look for a vape machine (which I found). Very good product and the best service had, Lindsay (if I don't remember should be his name) has been very helpful and provided a lot of information. Br
Stine W - 11 maanden geleden
The kindest people work here. The shop is small and in a very charming neighborhood. The staff will help you with whatever you're looking for
Justin Green - 11 maanden geleden
So friendly and helpful, gave me everything i needed to have a good trip, thanks :)
Ammar Al-Aradi - 1 jaar geleden
Love this place, everyone is super knowledgeable and they want to give you all you need to get into the zone. They have cute little booklets and instructions too! Best smart shop in Amsterdam, I love just hanging out here and chatting with people trying things for the first time too
Jimmy Miranda - 1 jaar geleden
Leslie was great at explaining the products in a holistic and educational way. She was very welcoming and there was no pressure buy anything. She helped my friends and I get what we needed. Definitely check out her store. The other smart shops felt too rushed and intimidating. Thanks again Leslie!!
Francois Jabbour - 1 jaar geleden
Thank you to the woman who told us everything we needed to know! Super informative, friendly and helpful
jamie george - 1 jaar geleden
Person behind the counter was happy to answer any of my questions and made me feel very comfortable.
Zsuzsanna Bossànyi - 1 jaar geleden
I arrived with a lot of questions and some expectations and Lizzie "the South African chick"had all the answers and out did my expectations. She is very knowledgeable and seemed like she takes a personal responsibility in what she gives to whom. Azarius is the right place to go for wisdom, healing or a good trip.
Michael Clifford Bush-Sullivan - 1 jaar geleden
Awesome online shop with great plant medicine and books.
Jake Griffin - 1 jaar geleden
The perfect place to start of your psychedelic journey. The staff are highly knowledgeable on their products and very patient with you. The shop itself is a nice place, full of knick-knacks of the mystic kind and all sorts of psychedelic related paraphernalia.
Sandra Draghici - 1 jaar geleden
Awesome staff, very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, top quality products and great selection at lowest prices. What more could you ask for? One of the best shops out there!
Arnold - 1 jaar geleden
Great staff, friendly, always smiling, full of advices, products top quality and prices lower than anywhere else. Can You possibly ask for more? Really delighted.
Nick Babyak - 1 jaar geleden
Great selection, prices, and friendly/knowledge staff
Yann Mack - 1 jaar geleden
Nice and clean store! The staff was super helpful, friendly and educative. I was allowed to try the vape on site and had fun looking through the variety of products and vapes.
Máté Réthy - 1 jaar geleden
Super cool and helpful staff, awesome atmosphere
Andrew Matthews - 1 jaar geleden
Awesome, helpful staff and excellent products every time
Rzysiu Rzyski - 1 jaar geleden
Best smartshop in Amsterdam, proffesional people working there :)
Jarred Davis - 1 jaar geleden
Really great staff willing to explain and guide in the right directions! If anyone is looking to try new 'experiences' I would say this is the place to go.
Joseph Cohen - 1 jaar geleden
Super friendly and helpful!
Xiaomi Redmi - 1 jaar geleden
Best smartshop , best prices ,best staff , Educated , super kind and friendly , felt like home . First place gonna visit when come next time And thnx very much for the gift
TROWF - 1 jaar geleden
I purchased a product which stopped working shortly after purchase, however this appeared to be a manufacturing issue with the product and nothing to do with the store. I spoke to a lovely South African lady (sorry I forgot your name) and she was very helpful. I left moments later with the issue resolved, no stress. Thank you very much! Recommend.
Go Ianiz - 1 jaar geleden
Knowledgeable staff, good prices, nice selectiom.
lukas mrugalla - 2 jaar geleden
Trying to reach the customer service since a week, every time I provide information about missing items in my order i dont get mailed back. One star, till my problems get solved and not ignored. Update: problem got solved, thank you
Marta Colpani - 2 jaar geleden
The people in the shop were friendly and super useful in choosing the right vape machine. I came back home with the best vaper I have ever tried for a very good price! I highly recommend this shop, super happy with my purchase.
Alba Artour - 2 jaar geleden
Very wide variety and extremely kind staff!
GoodvibeZ Only - 2 jaar geleden
Good people with extended knowledge that truly care. My go-to spot to leave with good products new ideas and good vibes
Lukáš Lulei - 2 jaar geleden
Really nice and helpful staff! Can recommend this headshop! :)
Kieran McGlade - 3 jaar geleden
Great service and selection for truffles and dry herb vapes! they also have my favourite staff of any shop in Amsterdam (Living here for 5 years) :)
Martin Pishpecki - 3 jaar geleden
Great place for special herbs, bongs, magic truffles... Don't know how to use a certain herb? Aks the friendly staff. There is a good ordering system during the lockdown.
Noemi Koerse - 3 jaar geleden
very cute but small smartshop in great location in the centre. Staff was super helpful and there's lots of information in the different flyers that you can take home. thanks for the free stickers :D
Diego Monasterio - 3 jaar geleden
Nice staff. Basically, they helped me with everything I needes when having my first magic truffles. The stuff they sell is 100% pure, natural and high quality. Had an unforgettable trip, so if you are looking for great truffles and advice, this is the place.
Mendel Silverman - 3 jaar geleden
Nice shop, helpful and friendly staff whom really want you to have the safest informed experience. Took around 10g of the Hydra on an empty stomach yet somehow managed not to trip. Mild to no visuals. With the giggles for about 30 min. Other than that was “sober”. When we went back for more they informed us that 90% chance that we would not have any effects. Honest but disappointing to hear....will try again next trip to the Dam
Kate Silk - 3 jaar geleden
Really friendly place with great advice and information. Felt comfortable asking any questions I had before deciding what to buy. Far more pleasant experience than most of the head shops we have been in over the years.
Acesuprol 2107 - 3 jaar geleden
Very pleased with the customer service. The girl working there is an amazing person, explained things so well and my conversation with her felt so natural.. almost like we knew each other. It was so refreshing because i had a very negative experience in another smart shop that i visited earlier. Will definitely visit them again next time im in Amsterdam! Cant wait to do some truffels and try out some of the other stuff they have as well!
Dmitry Patuk - 3 jaar geleden
Apart from truffles (really nice stuff, they sell them instead of mushrooms) they have some herbs like Kratom and test kits for all popular substances. People there are friendly and ready to help and consult you.
Laura van Braam-Stewart - 3 jaar geleden
I went to Azarius to buy a vaporizer because they had great reviews, even though they weren't the closest shop to get to, and I wish I could give them 6 stars. The staff is nice and knowledgeable and helped me pick a decide that was perfect for my needs. I had a run of bad luck with defects and ended up having to get a manufacturer replacement twice, and they were super helpful and took care of it all for me both times. I couldn't recommend them more.
Dom 0820 - 3 jaar geleden
Update 6/16/19: I got the Mexicana first time doing the cactus I did last year, I should’ve just ate half...even though these truffles are the ones to do for inexperienced users, it’s better to start small 9/2018: I purchased a foot-long San Pedro cactus here, cut off the spikes, and simply ate it later that day...the effects kicked in three hours and 20 minutes later! When I did feel it, it was strong...As someone who had never done mescaline before, I should’ve just done six inches...what helped me through the trip was an hour-long massage, a 30 minute hot bath, three guided meditations through YouTube (two of them I listened to more than once), phone conversations with six sober, sane family members and friends, and watching videos of cute animals like rabbits and kittens.
J. S. - 3 jaar geleden
Mick helped me with finding a product that was discontinued. Within an hour she called me back with good news: she found the product in their warehouse and would send it to me immediately! Truly amazing service!! I can highly recommend this shop! The people that work there are the best :-)

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