Chills & Thrills
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Nieuwendijk 17, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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amsterdam_budtender - 11 maanden geleden
Got a few grow kits for shrooms, nice store and a nice guy working there. Good service
Leon Müller - 1 jaar geleden
A very nice shop. Got my last two vaoes there, and always got a good deal. Just recently my Vape broke, and the owner quickly exchanged it for a brand new one and even sent it to me for free, as I don't live in Amsterdam. Can highly recommend!
T.E. Juon - 1 jaar geleden
Chills & thrills is one of my personalfavorites. It's a smartshop where you can expect high quality products. It is a bit expensive but it is definetly worth it, because they have the best truffles and a wide variety of other products.
Raphael briganti - 1 jaar geleden
Best. Smartshop. Ever
Simon Evans - 1 jaar geleden
Good chilled staff and smokes good quality too. One staff members bit bloody rude but most places like this
Lisa Bacon - 2 jaar geleden
Great people. Know what theyre selling and can make good recommendations. They only take card, so be aware.
Lee Carter - 2 jaar geleden
Rude and unhelpful man so took my business to another shop
May Life - 2 jaar geleden
Perfect shop.10/10 Greetings From Turkey!!!
Mamunur Rashid - 3 jaar geleden
Good shop for CBD oil and other cannabis products. Good location in New market of Amsterdam. Friendly staffs are available to help you. Very cool and smart shop. Cash and card is accepted here. Return customers will get ten percent discount.
Ziad Modak - 3 jaar geleden
One of the best smartshops in Amsterdam with a wide range of products. You name it, they have it. The prices are very competitive and the lady behind the counter was very helpful and a great guide. A good place for beginners as well as experienced users.

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