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Bloemerstraat 48, Nijmegen (Nijmegen-Centrum)

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0x00 - 6 months ago
This is the first time in 7 years that seeds are not sprouting at me, the male employee actually dont know anything about weed
Ruben Mes - 9 months ago
De Sjamaan is a smartshop with great, knowledgeable employees, and offers a complete array of products, with all the fundamental accesories, as well as the more uncommon products, such as marhijuana seeds and healthy-mushroom supplements. The store is mainly geared around smoking and its accesories, but it also offers the typical truffles and mushrom grow kits. However, I personally don't resonate with the energy of this place, which most notably is caused by an absence of reverence for the 'shamanic' side of psychedelics, and as a result makes it feel cold, stark and industrial. For example: The store displays its wares in its towering glass showcases, which is something I didn't like. If that is none or your concern and you just want to get your supplies from a local store, you will be served very well here.
Szymon Marszałek - 11 months ago
Best of the best. Nice to see a professional working 8n a place like this
Ivan Ivanov - 11 months ago
Excellent service!
Pablo Master - 1 year ago
Very amicable and excellent Service, products are top notch
FAUST EDN - 1 year ago
Customer very loyal to Sjaaman since AMSTERDAM RAÏ 2003/2005, I do not hesitate to come back to them to exchange advice or make possible purchases. Professional, serious, qualitative advice and able to put oneself in the customer’s place to help or satisfy him. I absolutely recommend to anyone looking for some Magic in this World! Thank you SJAAMAN!
László Richárd Nagy - 1 year ago
The staff is very kind and helpful, you can find here really useful things thats found nowhere else. Like rolling papers. “Basic” things.
Norbertas Genys - 1 year ago
Good place! ;)
Tim van Bergen - 2 years ago
Great customerservice, came it with little to basic knowledge left with more information than I initially thought to collect.
marek nowak - 2 years ago
Good products
Ocean Rocci - 2 years ago
Cool place, highly recommended
Didier Rasschaert - 2 years ago
Good information about all the products. Relaxed shopping with friendly employees.
Poyraz Tezcan - 2 years ago
Best headshop in gelderland holland. Maby the world. Great service good advise and lovely staff absolutely recommended
Datel Nat - 3 years ago
I have never experienced something like that. The lady behind the counter was so rude and arrogant. She tried to humiliate me in a degrading way. I really didn't understand what happened in this situation but I felt very insulted and I'm definitely not going to spend any more money here.
FJon media - 3 years ago
I agree: Very friendly Support.
AngryAngel faf - 3 years ago
A great store!!! In Poland such is missing
Edijs Vītols - 4 years ago
Nice staff. Nice options. The only smartshop in the city/are I think. So it is worth checking it out! Truffles
A Google User - 4 years ago
Nice staff. Nice options. The only smartshop in the city/are I think. So it is worth checking it out! Truffles
Maarten K - 4 years ago
Best service ever! Super nice guy, knows everything about the products. Walking out with a smile on my face, thank you! Edit: We bought the "PSILOCYBE ATLANTIS MAGIC TRUFFLES" because it would have a bit of visuals, laugh kicks and nice feeling. We went to the forest. Walking around and exploring was nice, but we sat down allot too and where staring with super deep thoughts. It was really nice but not exactly what I expected.
Oneirophrenic - 5 years ago
Very helpful people. Nice atmosphere! Ask your questions and you will be helped.

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