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Bloemerstraat 48, Nijmegen (Nijmegen-Centrum)

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Datel Nat - 8 months ago
I have never experienced something like that. The lady behind the counter was so rude and arrogant. She tried to humiliate me in a degrading way. I really didn't understand what happened in this situation but I felt very insulted and I'm definitely not going to spend any more money here.
FJon media - 1 year ago
I agree: Very friendly Support.
AngryAngel faf - 1 year ago
A great store!!! In Poland such is missing
Edijs VÄ«tols - 1 year ago
Nice staff. Nice options. The only smartshop in the city/are I think. So it is worth checking it out! Truffles
Maarten K - 2 years ago
Best service ever! Super nice guy, knows everything about the products. Walking out with a smile on my face, thank you! Edit: We bought the "PSILOCYBE ATLANTIS MAGIC TRUFFLES" because it would have a bit of visuals, laugh kicks and nice feeling. We went to the forest. Walking around and exploring was nice, but we sat down allot too and where staring with super deep thoughts. It was really nice but not exactly what I expected.
Oneirophrenic - 3 years ago
Very helpful people. Nice atmosphere! Ask your questions and you will be helped.

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