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Kelfkensbos 46, Nijmegen (Nijmegen-Centrum)

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Sebastian Marszałek - 7 months ago
Very good shop
Nick Name - 1 year ago
Just no good stuff (compared to other shops in town) and shady business in the back. Just take an different shop.
Jin Yang 他妈的 - 1 year ago
Something is strange about the pre-rolls, as I was smoke with a friend we both start feeling sick. We started to sweat and feel light headed and dizzy. I had to lay down on floor and when I got up just sweat. Not normal. I walk passed here 5 times a day and rather walk to a other shop.
Norwensley Daal - 1 year ago
Not alot of variety also service sucks. Deffo not going there again
Matt Corns - 1 year ago
Good weed... Fast and easy place..
Philip Harvey - 1 year ago
Decent stock and plenty of space and tables friendly staff

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