De Alchemist Nijmegen
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Van Welderenstraat 35, Nijmegen (Nijmegen-Centrum)

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AzizB0tdY9xNk - 2 months ago
Kind and helpful seller. 3cmc from the highest league!
Ian Wangechi - 9 months ago
Myleii Kay - 1 year ago
Selling (legal) highs without any indication, label printed on itor asking questions etc pp - among very potent and "concerning" to sell to 18+ y/o without knowing anything about the product whatsoever. Prefers Cash. Among the options was 2FMA a derivate of methamp! Careful and do your own research
Jelmer van Lenteren - 2 years ago
To take ce. Everything negotiable. Nice dude. Go there!
Paweł Łaś - 2 years ago
Everything is efficient and professional
Anthony Deliso - 2 years ago
Best place best people best smart
Sergey Dobrinin - 3 years ago
I like this place , very good service
Jay Lopez - 4 years ago
Amazing mushrooms haha;)
dave Mills - 4 years ago
Great shop!

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