De Alchemist Nijmegen
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Van Welderenstraat 35, Nijmegen (Nijmegen-Centrum)

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Daniel Bojidarov - 2 maanden geleden
Guys please tell me how to acess website because suggested one doesnt work at all for me i want to check for an item
AzizB0tdY9xNk - 6 maanden geleden
Kind and helpful seller. 3cmc from the highest league!
Ian Wangechi - 1 jaar geleden
Myleii Kay - 2 jaar geleden
Selling (legal) highs without any indication, label printed on itor asking questions etc pp - among very potent and "concerning" to sell to 18+ y/o without knowing anything about the product whatsoever. Prefers Cash. Among the options was 2FMA a derivate of methamp! Careful and do your own research
Jelmer van Lenteren - 2 jaar geleden
To take ce. Everything negotiable. Nice dude. Go there!
Paweł Łaś - 2 jaar geleden
Everything is efficient and professional
Anthony Deliso - 3 jaar geleden
Best place best people best smart
Sergey Dobrinin - 3 jaar geleden
I like this place , very good service
Renee Appelmans - 4 jaar geleden
I have never received such bad advice as in this smart shop. I came in for information and advice but the saleswoman could not tell me anything substantive and had never used drugs or any of the products in the store herself. How can you recommend a product without knowing what it is or what it does to you? She was also friendly, but that said everything.
Jay Lopez - 5 jaar geleden
Amazing mushrooms haha;)
dave Mills - 5 jaar geleden
Great shop!

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