State of Mind

Kleine Houtstraat 34, Haarlem (Oude Stad)

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Tim de Platvis - 1 month ago
Pretty wise guy, taught us a lot about magic Truffles.
Derek Maher - 7 months ago
Great spot, very helpful staff
Chen Golz - 11 months ago
Very helpful seller and a nice store
Franz-Joseph Schumeckers - 1 year ago
Really friendly and honest service. To bad he gave us the wrong nuggets. The trip was a bit more then we asked for. (Grin). Still, good and honest advice. Thanks
meow 01 - 1 year ago
Well what an eye opener. Certainly different
Michael Bruns - 1 year ago
Very kind service and very helpful information about how to take the substances. Very friendly cashier and good advice.
Phil Th - 1 year ago
Great place. Staff very friendly and charismatic, with plenty of advice to share.

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