State of Mind

Kleine Houtstraat 34, Haarlem (Oude Stad)

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Mark Stanway - vor 1 Monat
Thanks received my order
kamagre guramin - vor 6 Monaten
big exhibition of books about psychedelics! kind energy inside
CJ Houston - vor 9 Monaten
Lovely staff, very helpful. They can help answer your questions. PS Thank you for the paperclip!!!! I finally got my sim out!!!
Casper Dros - vor 1 Jahr
Beautiful store. Great help from the employee regarding which magic shrooms to choose and how to use them.
Hubert Walasiewicz - vor 1 Jahr
Showing that is open at saturday till 19:00. 18:30 was already closed.
Elisabeth - vor 2 Jahren
Don't be scared to ask, the people who work here are very nice and have a huge expertise. They will be able to recommend you the best fit for your needs. Worth walking in even just to get some incense, sage or Palo Santo sticks. ;)
Patrice Masthoff - vor 2 Jahren
As always, The State of Mind smartshop in Haarlem is one of the best places to get anything to spice up your mind, body and spirit, and decorate your house. Wonderful staff, who are always very welcoming, informative and helpful.
Tim de Platvis - vor 2 Jahren
Pretty wise guy, taught us a lot about magic Truffles.
Tim de Platvis (Timdeplatvis111) - vor 2 Jahren
Pretty wise guy, taught us a lot about magic Truffles.
Derek Maher - vor 3 Jahren
Great spot, very helpful staff
Chen Golz - vor 3 Jahren
Very helpful seller and a nice store
Franz-Joseph Schumeckers - vor 3 Jahren
Really friendly and honest service. To bad he gave us the wrong nuggets. The trip was a bit more then we asked for. (Grin). Still, good and honest advice. Thanks
meow 01 - vor 3 Jahren
Well what an eye opener. Certainly different
Michael Bruns - vor 3 Jahren
Very kind service and very helpful information about how to take the substances. Very friendly cashier and good advice.
Phil Th - vor 3 Jahren
Great place. Staff very friendly and charismatic, with plenty of advice to share.

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