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Cláudio Matos - 6 months ago
The Great Spirit of Nature (rapé) is an essencial medicine which guides me on my spiritual work for the European Continent healing and releasing its past. And I am glad I was also able to find it here in Europe at the Smart Bazar (through the internet). This kind of medicine of our Amazon jungle must be well maintained with lots of respect and love and this store does it very well. The spirits of nature guided me to this shop, so I know within my soul that this place is blessed by Mother Nature. Thank you all so much for the beautiful service and to help humanity opens its consciousness and hearts. Peace for all Europe and Planet Earth. Let’s keep united as ONE. Forgive the past, love the present and trust the future.
leen admiraal - 9 months ago
Best shop in town
Jiri Krynek - 1 year ago
service with a good professional approach to very important but dangerous entertainment.
OTTO MANIX - 1 year ago
Nice and fine
wtstudentclassroom wtstudentclassroom - 1 year ago
Best shop in the region for me. Good quality and prices. Also they have nice (spiritual) gifts, incense and lots of shaman products.
ivan baturina - 1 year ago
Great staff, very friendly and helpful, great products and affordable prices. All in all a great store!
Michiel Otte - 1 year ago
De beste Smart Shop in de regio. Je word super goed geholpen, en de eigenaresse neemt alle tijd voor je. Wij komen zeker terug
Marleen Admiraal - 2 years ago
Super leuke toffe alternatieve winkel in Beverwijk.. Van stenen, kunst, kleding naar lustopwekkende, energie gevende kruiden.. magische truffels en alle tools die je nodig hebt. Wierookjes palo santo en leuke decoratie.. noem het maar op, ook een goed gesprek te verkrijgen ;) sieraden stickers of toch gewoon een aansteker. Handgemaakte geborduurde parasols, tassen, sjaals. Of een spiritueel boekje..
Map of the Mad World - 3 years ago
Very nice atmosphere with High quality products.
Map of the World - 3 years ago
Very nice atmosphere with High quality products.
Mike Tilder - 3 years ago
Loved the shop, beautiful miscellaneous items and surprisingly affordable. Wonderful service and the staff is always friendly and helpful

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