To limit the spread of the coronavirus, the government has decided that all non-essential stores must be closed at 5 p.m. from November 28, 2021.

Dutch4green B.V - Urben Garden shop Amsterdam

Slimmeweg 12A, Amsterdam (Amsterdam Nieuw-West)

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Frenk Duits - 2 months ago
Top store!
Ruud krul - 7 months ago
Great help
bas k - 1 year ago
Top store. Good help with a lot of patience and extra explanation about the products. Friendly staff too.
Jesus Christ - 1 year ago
Hello. Can it still be picked up?
hans martin - 1 year ago
They say I've been here
MiCo AmiCone - 1 year ago
Very good
matt gnthr - 2 years ago
helpful and eficient staff. lots of good products.
Gabriele Garretto - 2 years ago
fournished and accessible

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