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Nieuwe Binnenweg 5, Rotterdam (Centrum)

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Neo Logizma - 7 months ago
Cool things. Nice staff
Gerda Wientjes - 8 months ago
The man behind the counter told me I needed 2 boxes of mushrooms to get high. This put me in a really bad spot mentally. since this experience (3 weeks ago)I have had mental breakdowns daily and severe depression. now I visit a therapist twice a week. This shop RUIND my life and I'm contemplating about opening up a lawsuit. Never take advice form the owner of this shop!
Caoimhe Foy - 8 months ago
It was more less the same cost to buy CBD over to in. Dublin .but nice to see the place
Hubert Okrasa - 9 months ago
great place, friendly stuff who knows their product - definitely recommended
Johnny Greenspoon - 11 months ago
Cool shop loaded with the wonders of the psychedelic world. It's easy to get spoiled in the NL with a selection like this and it's important to remember that in so many Eastern European countries there is a void on such products and therefore the culture is nowhere near as tolerant. Having said that, stay away from 'Druid's Fantasy' a morning glory seed concoction that is far from glorious. Can't go wrong with the truffles and other fun little wannabe hardies here.

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