Tabakshop Jordan
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Bergweg 305, Rotterdam (Rotterdam Noord)

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Douwe Ewoud - 2 years ago
Friendly guys, always good laughter. They have everything for drugs paraphernalia. I go there ones a month
Eva Zegikniet - 2 years ago
Magical Super P - 3 years ago
Great service, nice dudes behind counter..
Julius - 3 years ago
Super friendly and helpful guys!
Amadeusz Herrmann - 4 years ago
Greatest smart shop ive ever been
Kārlis Ra - 4 years ago
Tabak shop Jordan is not selling only tabak, but much more.
vibracionesleves - 4 years ago
Great. Staff is supercool and gently.
Simonas Stanaitis - 5 years ago
The better one among the smartshops in Rotterdam. Prices are fairly reasonable, variety of smoking appliances (many kinds). Staff was friendly and helpful, did not refuse to give advice. I have the impression that people working in this shop know their products very well. Definitely recommend to visit. Amen

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