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Hartmansstraat 26, Rotterdam (Centrum)

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szekeres Anna - 4 months ago
Hello, I had a very nice experience with customer service however, that is not what I can say about my trip. I bought the Atlantis truffles a month ago and took it today and nothing happened. I did not open the truffles and were stored like normal so I do not really understand how it would not have any effects whatsoever. Since it would have been my first experience and had really high hopes I am very bummed that it did not happen ;( It was also with a friend who confirmed that it was not only for me but the product also did not work for him. I also did not eat anything beforehand so it is definitely the product which had some issues I am guessing.
Bram Dg - 9 months ago
Employees are super nice, store has quite a bit of things to offer. One of the best in the area.
Ɓukasz Koziej - 11 months ago
Super friendly staff that actually KNOWS what they have in store! good prices and a great variety of products! Definitely one of the TOP stores out there! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
Lost Monkey - 1 year ago
Splendid customer service!
Dean Chan - 1 year ago
Friendly customer advice Good variety of products.. Clippers half price of Amsterdam!
Nigel Rosierse - 1 year ago
Amazing smartshop with a very wide assortment. Very friendly and well informed on what they sell. When in Rotterdam, definitely check out house of smart
lorenzo bonelli - 1 year ago
Very friendly staff and good service!
Niklas Krantz - 1 year ago
Very nice staff, really cool people. Worth a visit.

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