Highlife Café

Wijngaardstraat 60-62, Goes

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Gorgan Antoniu - 1 month ago
Won’t let you buy if you are a foreigner
Edvin Dedić - 1 month ago
Well...Amazing edibles
Pablo Ghoust - 3 months ago
Without uitreksel or dutch id you can't buy nothing.
Antonio Polvorosa - 9 months ago
High quality bud and very friendly people. Love it. Live it.
Kimberly Moens - 1 year ago
Best place ever. Best people ever.
Jd Scribner - 1 year ago
Good service. Good bud. Good prices
Phil DeBlanc - 1 year ago
Good selection but if you're not from Nederlands, you can't buy.
Idian Garcia Caceres - 1 year ago
Super nice grass , Gelato I recommend , and amazing service
Arian Adel - 1 year ago
Friendly staffs,always helpful in English language as well.
Łukasz Simonsaid - 1 year ago
Very nice place with friendly people, very good stuff
Leandi Jane Van Staden - 1 year ago
This is a very neat place with very friendly service. You will always feel welcome there and with very good product's to buy. You also have alot of options of qauntity of products that you can buy that other coffeeshops don't have so this is by far one of the best places I buyed before.
Al Osorio - 2 years ago
Some weed sometimes dont have enought quality one of the worst Coffee shops that I ever see but some hash is Nice.
Jean Luc Picasso - 2 years ago
highly specialised shop with certified and well informed employees serving the highest quality ganja and smoking paraphernalia in the whole region(including a selection of high quality grinders and vaporizers.) . relaxing living room like lounge upstairs with great coffee a pool table and many board games. tourists arent welcome and are advised to head up north to rotterdam.
Rob S. - 2 years ago
Bad quality weed ...Etten Leur has better weed
Andis Savickis - 2 years ago
Bought 1G got 0.8
Richard Dekker - 2 years ago
Okay choice on variety, prices are adequate
Daniele Culcasi - 2 years ago
Lovely personal, lovely atmosphere, wide range of products, right price.
Monika Herz - 2 years ago
Best coffe shop in Goes
EYONPROJECT *YouTube* - 3 years ago
A nice coffeshop good quality produtcs

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