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Dordtsestraatweg 434A, Rotterdam (Feijenoord)

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reb angel - 2 months ago
Huuuuge and nice variety. Literally, all u could think of, you'll find it here. Very cute and friendly staff answered all of my questions yay
G G - 4 months ago
They selling 40% males dont risk with them.
logvoid - 5 months ago
Best smartshop/headshop in Rotterdam by far.
aTubYL aTy - 5 months ago
Awesome place- decent and professional + even recieved gratis
michelle farrelly - 6 months ago
Awesome shop, very knowledgeable and friendly will definitely visit again soon, thanks guys.
Jakub Bugri - 7 months ago
WORTH TO TRY! Very friendly. And you can get here the exactly same products what anywhere else, but CHEAPER :) !
Joonas R - 7 months ago
Wonderful place with super nice customer service!
Timo Taskov - 10 months ago
Good choice of products and best prices in all Rotterdam, good and fresh trufles.
Dano Brngál - 10 months ago
Great eshop, great customer support, the most precious and nicest way of packing. Everything was taken a great care off, not to mention how nice it was to give out those CBD sweets for free from them
Paolo Pascarelli - 1 year ago
after a few years of well-deserved service, the online store seems abandoned. I have not received the order already paid for December and at the moment not even any explanation. I do not recommend anyone to buy online if you don't want to lose money like I did ..
gábor szabó - 1 year ago
Nice things, kind, helpfull people
Vlad Tofan - 1 year ago
Nice place!many choices
asraelita - 1 year ago
Great guys :) Keep it goin'
Alexis Voss - 1 year ago
Order online, fantastic spoon pipes of quality. Rare for the Nederlands. Will shop again for sure!
GB R - 1 year ago
A good selection of funny stuff
Nikita Mahto - 2 years ago
Super chill guy. Nice collection
minarik balazs - 2 years ago
Really good shop! The owner is kind and helpful.
Decent client service, top quality products
ÃÑÜÑÑÄKï ÑÏBÏRÜ - 3 years ago
bedankt...010... 5314 "thankZzz for being so helpful"
Syn D - 3 years ago
Worst experience ever! I decided place walk in after reviewing their website and seeing that they were open. I did the 2 hour walk and get there to and asked a near by store owner if he knew the location. Very suspiciously he says what am I looking for I said the store and he stated it was closed until next week. What?!?!? He asked what was I looking for and I told him he didn’t have it duh! Lol. Now figuring my way to get back to my Airbnb. I was only visiting but welcome to The Netherlands where customer service sucks. They didn’t provide any site updates or anything. Damn!
Paul Préaux - 3 years ago
Closed without warning. Don't bother going, it's closed by the mayor.
Joanna Flaga - 3 years ago
I ordered something few days ago, I paid and I didn't get my order. Zero contact with them. They don't pick up phone and don't text back.
Suomat 21CZ - 3 years ago
Very nice prices, Very nice people inside best shop in noterrdam
Dmytro Kostiuk - 3 years ago
I made an online order 16 days ago and paid. Since then I haven't received anything. Tried to reach them by an email, phone, nobody picked up. 3 days ago one of their representatives wrote me they were going to "check" my order. It's either a scam or these people really like to take their time. I DO NOT recommend this shop to anyone.
Eric Liu - 4 years ago
the owner of the shop, the taller younger man was a great guy! he answered all my annoying questions with high patience, a davinci mini simple pack costs around 180~200eu in amsterdam, here you can get it for 150eu, and the shop provides all kinds of tools for you to buy at reasonable price, they don't sell weed, lots of fine oil! I love this shop, everything seems so nice!

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