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J.L.A - 1 month ago
Nice website, nice shop, bought a psilocybin mushroom and a CD case shape scale. There psilocybin truffels from Joy From Nature are good didn’t know the brand but they look clean and of high quality, I tried the Mothership [Psilocybe Mexicanna] and Psychonaut [Psilocybe Hollandia], But prefer the truffels from McSmarttruffels and Freshbox because the come in square boxes in stead of rectangular
Yes - 11 months ago
Awesome choice and very helpfull staff
Feik Full - 2 years ago
Pro info for beginners!
Pablo Pinel - 2 years ago
Great selection of consumables and paraphernalia! Very friendly and engaging staff, a must visit!
pulveris bonux - 3 years ago
absolutely love this place! Always run in to grab some stuff and leave but I just can't because I will engage in awesome and deep conversations with staff :D What I also can't leave unmentioned is that these guys always seem to know what exactly they are selling.
Kaitlyn K. - 3 years ago
Amazing products
Matthew DeSimone - 3 years ago
Excellent customer service, great products I am pleased..
Jeff Calderon - 3 years ago
Placed an order on their website and even though delivery was a bit slow, the product (Atlantis truffles) was still of excellent quality. Blew my socks off to say the least hehe. Looking forward to trying more of their products in the near future.
Matthias Behringer - 3 years ago
Very nice seller
Roy Jenkins - 4 years ago
Online order from the US. Had to contact customer service to get tracking number and verification. However Peter quickly resolved the issue and emailed me my parcel information. Will update upon arrival. Thanks WorldHerbals!
Johan Antonissen - 4 years ago
Great shop, very friendly approachable people with a lot of know-how.
Pierce Madrigal - 4 years ago
I bought a bunch of stuff and didn’t receive it and know customer service! I didn’t get my stuff this is a scam and don’t buy from here! Don’t be the moron who doesn’t listen to this! Also all the good reviews are reviewed by the them! They are a scam and don’t buy from them period!
Jon boy - 6 years ago
great customer service and the root bark i bought was very good quality,the only down side was very slow delivery it took 8 days to be deliverd from holland to dennark i can walk faster aprt from that its great and i will shop there again.

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