De Heksenketel
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Plompe Toren 5, Sluis

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Archie Arek - 3 weeks ago
New perfect place
Alexandr Oboroc - 4 months ago
Do you sell magic truffles? )))
Milosz Sadowski - 8 months ago
Super friendly and very helpfull.
Camel Dromedaris - 8 months ago
I went in for sigarets... And an hour later we went home with half the store!! Super service! No need to go up north further next time. Wazzaaaaaaaa!!!
FleszXer - 11 months ago
Bought two times cannabis seeds here and it didn’t open two times . Besides that it’s a good smart shop but the seeds don’t work
Gediminas Bartas - 2 years ago
Good stuff
Ron Rieck - 2 years ago
Ok smart shop and weed growshop
Ron Rieck (Kingray) - 2 years ago
Ok smart shop and weed growshop
mathijs delbaere - 2 years ago
Verry knowledgeable and friendly people.
Diego Vertongen - 3 years ago
Great place to visit even if you don't buy anything. Enter with an open mind.
RONALD RASPOET - 3 years ago
Guillermo . - 3 years ago
Advise.... They only sold grass seeds, we were curious to see what a coffe shop is for legal sale weed and we were left wanting ... ...
Chris Brassaert - 3 years ago
Came here in the past on roadtrip whit my friends, amazing shop whe had a good time.
Keith 8301 - 4 years ago
Good smartshop
Signori Mpeti - 4 years ago
Fine place, fine products.

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