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Dijk 31, Alkmaar

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Spi der - 5 months ago
Expensive but only one in Alkmaar. A lot of things to choose.
Lies - 1 year ago
I am buying my weed seeds for the third year in a row. But the last time was the last time. I buy 5 seeds at a time. Maybe 3 of these will germinate if you're lucky. This year I was lucky. Germinated 4 seeds. 2 of them died for no reason. The other 2 are males, so no tops. Am nice with it. NOT.
Bas Levering - 1 year ago
Great place, a lot of different products here, got great service when I went.
Jennifer Kuulkers - 2 years ago
Fijne zaak, werd vriendelijk geholpen door het personeel die daar die dag werkte! Heb alles kunnen vinden waar ik naar zocht!
poinker poinkowy - 2 years ago
Online and „on the door” info says it’s open. I was waiting more than one hour for nothing. Phone - no answer. 2 hours lost. Better find another place.
A Google user - 2 years ago
really friendly dude
hany kotb - 2 years ago
Nice shop with a lot of things. and friendly staff working. every time im in holland i like to come to this place and buy some things.
Patrick Dembek - 4 years ago
nice choice, could be cheaper

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