Closed indefinitely
Oude Hoogstraat 33, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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This shop is closed indefinitely.
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Rebecca Clayton - 3 years ago
What a great little shop, talked with the owner for a long time about Amsterdam and best things to see. Thanks for your help
Dimitrios Prymidis - 3 years ago
Service minus one.
Eirini - 3 years ago
Terrible service. The girl working there was very ironic, as a customer I don't know everything the shop sells, so I would like the staff to be helpful and not criticize me and make fun of me as she did. Terrible shop.
Mária Kováčová - 3 years ago
Lovely little shop where you can find goodies for yourself or friends. Thumb up for helpful staff.
TheWhatShallIDo - 4 years ago
Very cheap crushers Always a lovely service from one of the great employees. Cheap for a smartshop in amsterdam. In a very small space everything you need and some things you probebly dont need. A place for every person that likes to snif smoke slik or drink there stuff, supplies are here.
sergelectric - Sergio S. Gómez - 5 years ago
Owful service. No knowledge of the product and did not even suported warranty of the goods. Enter the next shop.

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