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Sofia Gonzalez - vor 5 Monaten
Was planning on having a nice weekend with some friends. Bought truffles not only did they charged me more than the actual value, the truffles expired two days later. With the excitement of the moment I didn’t think to check in the shop or do the math on the spot, later on we realised and it was a massive disappointment. There are other places where the personnel is nicer and don’t try to scam you.
Miloš Milivojević - vor 10 Monaten
Bought two 15g boxes of Atlantis truffles and was completely disappointed - the only effect I saw was mildly feverish state of mind which was great for listening to music, while my girlfriend only had bouts of nausea and occasional stomach muscle cramps without any noticeable mental effects. I'm aware the shop didn't grow the truffles but they're selling them so I hold them at least partly responsible
Taruth24 . - vor 11 Monaten
Best smart shop in town. Great advice and friendly staff
Jose - vor 1 Jahr
Full of planets! Great place. The whoman there informed us about everything we needed to know.
Frost Cube - vor 1 Jahr
Everything Perfect
reinaldo chaparro - vor 2 Jahren
The staff is amazing here. Very knowledgeable about what they sell. I came In asking questions and the female at the counter was so nice and helpful. Stop in and shop here and tip the staff!!! They deserve it!!!!
marc musset - vor 2 Jahren
Nice city .Beautiful. clean .and this city make you Feel home

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