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Zoutsteeg 13, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Maria - vor 3 Monaten
Worst shop assistant ever, literally a scam artist tried selling me an expensive grinder I did not want when declined still tried to overcharge me on my items pretending he couldn’t understand English, ended up paying for something I didn’t even want.
Frank Exslager - vor 5 Monaten
Very cool smartshop to satisfy your psychedelic/smoking needs. Run by a wonderful, very knowledgeable lady who will address any questions and concerns you may have. Highly recommend!
jorgecrego - vor 5 Monaten
The treatment was really good and as a first timer with truffles, we had a good recommendation but not the experience we expected but despite that it was really nice.
Beta - vor 7 Monaten
One of the few shops which would deserve a 42 paragraph long review. But i am too stoned to write that, and you are too stoned to read that(hopefully you are ). Anyway: -Nice mood, music and so on -Very helpful lady at the counter - Prices are fair
Slawek Kozakiewicz - vor 7 Monaten
Five stars ! Very friendly lady at the desk. Awesome expirence with High Hawaiians. Crazy visuals, euphoria.
Lucas Steiniger - vor 8 Monaten
Great customer service and good prices.
Johnson Dominic - vor 11 Monaten
Good headshop. The lady at the counter was very helpful, welcoming and explained well all the products. Trying out high Hawaiians in rijksmuseum was one of the best experiences I've had in Amsterdam, definitely not for weak hearted.
Hannah nieuwenhuis - vor 1 Jahr
wonderfull shop, Wonderfull people
ThS - vor 1 Jahr
Very friendly and helpful staff.You need to try premium truffles:)
Clea Rojas - vor 1 Jahr
best Smartshop ever
Patrick Radu - vor 2 Jahren
Best shop ever! Joram and his team are super friendly and fun
Dirk Zaal - vor 2 Jahren
love this fluo only store with. smokersgear and fluo clothing
Alessandro Estrada - vor 2 Jahren
If you feel like taking a trip if you know what I mean
stephen odonnell - vor 2 Jahren
If you have never been you should make it a 1st stop..and make sure to ask for the one they would recommend.. double up and enjoy..
Max Green - vor 2 Jahren
Nice store, great service but brought a shroom kit and it didnt work, i have grown the exact ones at least ten times before and never had a single issue. Emailed the store asking for advice and was ignored. You know where you can shove my 35€ . Avoid, theres an abundance of headshops, go elsewhere.
Rach Girard - vor 2 Jahren
Owner is lovely and very informative, definitely recommend supporting this local business. We have to visit everytime we go back to Amsterdam.
Call me Ted - vor 2 Jahren
The owner lady had a really positive vibe and was very informative I would recommend.
Josip Gazibaric - vor 3 Jahren
Awesome shop with a large variety of products. The shopkeepers seem to be experienced and are very helpful. Before buying teuffles you get a great consultation and advice on how to take them. For anyone visiting Amsterdam, i can only advise you to vissit this shop if you're searching for smoking utensils or truffles.
Daniel Knight - vor 3 Jahren
Lady who works there is very nice and informative, highly recommended
Deniz Bender - vor 3 Jahren
Always worth a visit. Very kindful stuff and great products.
Szymon Rolbiecki - vor 3 Jahren
Trufle experience in Amsterdam was amazing. The shop has great music and design. Polite and helpful owner. Greetings from Poland :)
Razvan Ionescu - vor 4 Jahren
A great shop with a very experienced, fun & knowledgeable owner. When unsure of what to buy, I recommend asking for advices. Late schedule and great location too!
Russ Creech - vor 4 Jahren
Fantastic little Smartshop full of fluorescent stuff, including Stace Tribe merch, plenty of art and accessories, as well as the usual Smartshop herbal supplies and truffles and such. The owner's very friendly and welcoming, a good tripping vibe here for sure. And they're open a couple hours later than pretty much all the other Smartshops in the city. Definitely recommend since it feels more like being at a trippy festival shop than a retail market, which is the vibe a lot of the other Smartshops have. :)
Nicola Maxwell - vor 5 Jahren
Excellent shop and really lovely lady very helpful and nice shop. Very cool products I loved it.

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