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Andrea Jannella - vor 1 Monat
Great place near Dam Plaza, so very easy to find and get to. The shopkeepers are very polite and ready to give you all the info you need, alongside being some of the friendliest people I met in the town. Also, their products are very good stuff hehe
Lorenzo Grassi - vor 1 Monat
I visited the shop on the first day of my vacation and found this shop in a small street by chance, but when I entered I found a very nice shop with unique products. The people who welcomed me have always been friendly, always smiling and full of joy. I recommend this shop to anyone who wants to buy good and unique gift products typical of Amsterdam and for those who want to have extrasensory experiences thanks to all the psychedelic products it offers.
DJane Enigma - vor 2 Monaten
Had a very cute & customer-friendly gal behind the counter today, the shop has a nice atmosphere to it as well
Jannis F - vor 1 Jahr
Total trash store... Too expensive and no big choice. for my luck the seller made Sure i remember the Shops Name so i can Tell you All This..
Alessandro Caliendo - vor 1 Jahr
Lots of potential, to improve from the inside.
Sergio V - vor 2 Jahren
Bought a pack of 3 seeds.The person at the counter must make a call to a guy for the price???lol He decides the price is 25 when I know the price is 17,50.Why don't they put the prices in the seed packs?? Avoid this shady store.
Marco Staccini - vor 2 Jahren
Great service, amazing product quality, a bit ineffective on previous users, but the shop is well prepared, informed and aware of the products they sell.
Vic van Koningsbruggen - vor 2 Jahren
I bought a faulty vaporazer but it could 2 days later not be returned for a replacement. Ik live 40 km away but had to "wait for the manager". The sales man lied to me about explaing taking the rubber off. I supposedly used the appliance wrong, he said. Although I completely followed the written manual. Hmmm. I am going to see today. The manager should be in. I am in doubt... Spoke with manager. Needs a lesson in guarantee business. First he said, it's used! Of course! After some use it died on me. Then he checked the battery and went minutely over the manual. Hè saw I die everything correctly. Now comes my sinking feeling. He said he would give me a good deal on another one. He had the nerve to propose a 20 euro vaper for 15. I said,what about the other 50 that's I spent? He basically ripped me off. Don't buy from this shop!
Ezequiel Orcellet - vor 3 Jahren
Alex is great, he helped us to have a very pleasant experience with dragon dynamite.

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