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Nieuwendijk 96, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Erik Denes - vor 9 Monaten
:)) nice
Seasons of Lynn - vor 10 Monaten
I wouldn’t recommend this store. They sell things that don’t work AT ALL. Bought two different items and literally felt nothing from them. They are ripping people off for sure. Would love a refund because honestly just a big scam.
Lily Nwamaraihe - vor 10 Monaten
So much choice and friendly staff!
Stanislav Krumpholz - vor 10 Monaten
Very bad shop, cheating and selling damage goods. Wont relace it. Be aware of this place
A Mi Tsai - vor 1 Jahr
Much more expensive than other stores
Timo Weege - vor 1 Jahr
Total rip-off. He booked more money from my card than it actually costed. And the truffles were bad quality also. Avoid this shop
Jad Azar - vor 1 Jahr
Friendly staff and very helpful
Jana Redle - vor 1 Jahr
Just bbecauseit was Kings Day, we paid the DOUBLE PRICE for the things wich didnt have any pricetag. A total rip-off! The day before it was half the price. An they didn't inform us as good as before. Wouldnt go there again.
Laci Troják - vor 1 Jahr
AVOID THIS SHOP!!! We bought 2 boxes of mushroom only and we paid 50€. The same stuff on their website is 35€! CHEATERS!!! Refresh: Ohh! How weird, many people got confused for the same reason! (Prices)... Don't worry about your "next time" service, we will never go again, and we will recomend it to everyone! ;) I talk about the absolutely same stuff (same size, same everything!!) How is possible that in YOUR website the same product is much cheaper than in YOUR shop??!?
Geht niemand was an! - vor 4 Jahren
They have a good selection of things which you are looking for in a smartshop. The guy with the beard working there speaks Dutch, English and German (and maybe even more languages) and is very competent in advising. Every time I am in Amsterdam, I visit this store.

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