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Oude Tweebergenpoort 7-A, Maastricht (Maastricht-Centrum)

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Johnny Kelly - 1 maand geleden
Top shopping experience. Mike is knowledgeable, funny and passionate. I called in earlier today and it was a pleasure to speak with him. Consider stepping into the shop part of your trip as it only adds to the entire experience. I'll definitely be back - fully recommend!
Jessy Stern - 4 maanden geleden
Sven from Sirius smart shop was more helpful than ever, I won’t hesitate to come back thanksgiving to him
Bianca Biavati - 4 maanden geleden
Third time I come here and I loved it even more. Mike gave us choice and good times as always. If u need anything for a good trip come here! 10/10 ;))
Annelie Prchd - 5 maanden geleden
Awesome shop. Great service and products
lou lou - 5 maanden geleden
Nice place, staff takes time giving advices etc.
Dave Sullivan - 5 maanden geleden
First visit! The guy runnin the show was extremely helpful and very informative , shows a great interest in his customers. Really lookin forward to giving the products a go
C Q - 5 maanden geleden
Due to some neuroreceptor 'changes', I do seem to have no emotional or behavioral reactions to psychoactive ingredients such as "magic truffles", which equated to no bad reactions either, hence the 10 grams ingestion remained completely neutral as I suspected. However, the shop owner/clerk's personal attention, who spoke at a minimum Italian, Flamic, English and German, the information and invaluable advise have been beyond helpful to me. Absolutely advisable and worth the visit!
venus schwidrowski - 6 maanden geleden
Best chat and advice I've had in a smart shop, left feeling confident in what I had purchased and looking forward to the experience! If you want advice go here! Also for experienced users! Would recommend! :)
Anaig (NANA) - 7 maanden geleden
Best shop in town! The owner is so professional and very gentle ❤️
Cha Mo - 7 maanden geleden
Nice owner, remember you and what you liked ! Good products
Reggy Mof - 8 maanden geleden
Great shop, with good quality products!
Diego Escobar Díaz - 9 maanden geleden
I have been here several times, and unfortunately, on two occasions, I have found myself in the uncomfortable situation of interacting with an embittered person who works there, both times being insidiously sarcastic and giving me an attitude.
Ali Ismail - 10 maanden geleden
Pretty good stuff. Recommend.
Wido Beat - 1 jaar geleden
Amazing experience, the truffle are mind blowing ! Super friendly personal ! Must go
audran georget - 1 jaar geleden
Very nice guy and Nice place Il love him so much Take care
Denis Majcher - 1 jaar geleden
Really nice stuff this one guy was very talkative and helpfull would recomend this shop anytime.
Salty Salmon - 1 jaar geleden
Friendly and helpful staff, great product
Humorless _Hoe - 1 jaar geleden
TOP! Super helpful and so nice. Answered all of our questions have nothing to complain about
Lyn Prestwood - 1 jaar geleden
Great service from an absolute legend. Very welcoming and helpful to everyone. Could not recommend highly enough.
Tess Lioene Martinez - 1 jaar geleden
Lovely bong and a lot of choice !!
A. Schwenzer - 1 jaar geleden
Wow. I never been in such a nice place. The products to find in this shop are truly amazing and is a must place to go and trip. I bpugth some truffles and cbd oil that changed my life, im going to come back once a month i recomend ya all go!!
Anton Schwenzer - 1 jaar geleden
The truffles I bougth here were amazing. The strenth and duration of the trip make these truffles magic box my favourites. The best thing about it is that i find very difficult to find those truffles and here they have em!! I really recomend this place
Juan de la serna - 1 jaar geleden
Nice CBD oil and smoking items
Juan de la Serna Gallego - 1 jaar geleden
Really nice store and friendly service. I recommend it
Soffi K - 1 jaar geleden
Amazing stuff! 100% recommend!
Alessandro Biasi - 1 jaar geleden
Its a great shop with lits of discounts such as spacemiles! I couldn't believe i could afford a growkit with just the price of delivery! Worth it!
Sharon Rau - 1 jaar geleden
Great staff, had a really nice conversation and recieved a lot of helpful information regarding the products. Going to have an exciting birthday trip :)
Gabrielė Gudaitytė - 2 jaar geleden
Great service and friendly atmosphere ! The staff explained everything very well and got good advice!
Jared le Roux - 2 jaar geleden
My favourite place in Maastricht. I'll often stop by just to speak to the staff because of their expert advice and knowledge as well as their vibe. Great range of products and if they don't have what you're looking for they will definitely know where to get it. Highly highly reccomend!
Alex Meijer - 2 jaar geleden
Very informed and friendly staff. Great quality products.
Hervé Michel - 2 jaar geleden
Thank you guys, this palladium + cacao just gave us such a wonderful trip!! See you soon and please continue as is!
Georg Münstermann - 2 jaar geleden
Exactly want you want! Great advice and tipps for people without experience and new ideas and stimulations for more experienced folks. Definitely coming back!!!
Jennifer Köppen - 2 jaar geleden
The staff is great and they always take so much time to help you make the right choice. Extremely friendly and competent! Only made good experiences there and would go back at any time :-)
Jennifar - 2 jaar geleden
The staff is great and they always take so much time to help you make the right choice. Extremely friendly and competent! Only made good experiences there and would go back at any time :-)
Nancy Lymperopoulou - 2 jaar geleden
Best product, highly recommend the truffles. We are trippin’ in sint pieterberg Forrest listening to Mike’s playlist (dopeee). Have fun in Lefkada, Mike! Greetings from your greek friends.
Mark Simon - 3 jaar geleden
Best shop in town. Really good advise for all the products. Funny guy working there! Strongly recommend for a great experience!!
Aarmanius - 3 jaar geleden
Great service and great products. Can't recommend it enough! The staff are Always keen on helping out and giving great advice.
Simon W - 3 jaar geleden
I always get assisted very well whenever I visit this place. All your questions about the products get answered with passion and great wisdom. You'll leave this place well informed, about your purchase, and maybe a tad smarter if you pay attention.
Anooshay Abid - 3 jaar geleden
The owner gave us a good overview about the different effects and what we should expect from the experience. Very wise and knowledgeable. Would definitely come here again!
Nariman Kiani - 3 jaar geleden
Excellent wisdom from the vendor, very wise man. I will absolutely do it again, and I will bring more people to open their mind.
Jamie Bull - 3 jaar geleden
I’ve been to Sirius Smartshop a few times now and every time I’ve had a good experience. The staff provide a lot of good information and are open to questions. I would highly recommend this place if you are looking to learn and not just shop.
Ahmad Alaqqad - 3 jaar geleden
very friendly and helpful staff. Gave us very good advice. def recommended
James Davis - 3 jaar geleden
The best smartshop in Maastricht! I've been a handful of times and each one was a pleasant experience. Their products are high quality and the staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. If you have any questions/concerns/hesitations, just ask and they will give you a good answer! I would recommend this place to anybody, whether you're new or experienced with this type of shop.

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