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Grote Gracht 59, Maastricht (Maastricht-Centrum)

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Francisco Chacón Jiménez - 1 maand geleden
The property its a unpolite women that respondes you if you are asking with son of a beitch
Denizcan Erdogan - 5 maanden geleden
The worst shopping experience in Maastricht. The woman was so rude. I would give 0 stars if i could.
Abhishek Arya - 5 maanden geleden
Space cake had no effect. Women didn't know anything. Don't go there.
Vygintas V - 7 maanden geleden
Webshop is a scam. Be careful!
ivan major - 10 maanden geleden
Do not go there
r kennedy - 1 jaar geleden
Rude and unhelpful service. Hopefully the product purchased is of good quality. I will update my review after this is known.
Ioanna Papadatou - 1 jaar geleden
I made an 165 Euro order from this store. Today, after 1 month waiting for my purchase, I wrote an email to the store explaining the situation. The woman in charge (Wendy Ger Van de Leygraaf-Simons) replied extremely rudely I should forget my order and that the will not proceed to a refund if the delivery is illegal to my country. I need to clarify that when I ordered there were nothing mentioned accordingly for this kind of policy and their system allowed to make the order and pay for my purchase and of course the shipping. I called the store within 10' to clarify the situation and this woman shouted to me to go f*ck my self and hang up. This is the most stressful situation I've ever experienced and I will definitely move with a lawyer.
Martin Pavlenda - 1 jaar geleden
Totally satisfied ! Very nice service, top products. Today first time but not last time :)
Philipp Backhaus - 2 jaar geleden
Space cakes unfortunately without effect, although it was said that thc is included. Probably scam.
Stefan Fábik - 2 jaar geleden
no effect from space cake ordered online at all....waste of money, don't bother ordering from them, not the real deal
Coman Catalin - 2 jaar geleden
Asked for a piece weed cake wich cost 8 euro and I got a bag of crums, they gave me less than a gram of weed tho I payed for one, worst coffee shop in Maastricht, for the sake of your poket and mood please avoid.
Darryl Hewitt - 2 jaar geleden
Nice store, lady was very nice - gave us free cannabis themed Christmas postcards!
magi - 2 jaar geleden
Nice store, lady was very nice - gave us free cannabis themed Christmas postcards!
Ferdinand Fressflash - 3 jaar geleden
Nur zu empfehlen! Sehr nette Menschen! Kundenfreundlich, hilfsbereit und günstig! IMMER WIEDER! DANKE
Clelia Stivaletta - 3 jaar geleden
Ho letto un po' di recensioni ma non corrispondeno a verità la signora e il singore sono persone molto gentili, cordiali e sono molto esperti in materia. Sono andata in altri negozietti del genere a Maastricht ma non mi sono trovata bene. Consiglio a tutti andare big Bud sono persone eccellenti. Io andrò solo da l'oro.
Landracer . - 5 jaar geleden
Super !
Paul Robinson - 6 jaar geleden
Tried to call twice to try and speak to someone who dealt with their portable vaporizer range. Was hung up on twice. The lady on the phone waited for me to introduce myself, then loudly said 'BYE' and hung up. I gave it a week and called again, only to have the same thing happen. Rude and unhelpful.
N H - 8 jaar geleden
- over-priced, old, faulty goods - horrible manager, who shouted at me when trying to return a product I paid 25euros for a vaporizer. It did not work properly, so I paid 25euros more for another vaporizer. The replacement also did not work- the coil would not heat up properly. I did my research and found out that it is a very common issue. So i tried to return the vaporizer. The woman in this shop (the manager!!) started shouting abuse at me and my girlfriend before we were even properly in the shop. She was unbelievably rude, called my girlfriend a b*tch, called me an assh*le, and threatened to call the police. I have never been so offended. I am completely furious with the attitude of this woman, and I want to advise NEVER SHOP HERE!

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