Buddha 3 - Seed Bank & Head Shop
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Haringpakkerssteeg 7, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Kobe Cornelis - 4 maanden geleden
I’ve been visiting this shop a couple of times over the past few years. The people here are super helpful and have A LOT they offer. Also a nice collection of terpenes which you can’t find anywhere. I would definitely recommend this place! For the people complaining about them pretending to sell THC cookies. Rule nr. 1 if you visit Amsterdam: you want THC? Go to a cannabis shop, this is basic knowledge.
justask - 5 maanden geleden
Sold cbd cookies and blunts pretending it was thc. Scammers.
Michal Kucera - 8 maanden geleden
Scam, selling products with 50-75% surcharge. Avoid
Annas Alhomsi - 1 jaar geleden
The sales guys are so well-informed about the products they offer.
jorge tobias - 3 jaar geleden
Is nice,
Sondre Østli Rokvam - 3 jaar geleden
Never buy electronics from this shop. Only cheap pirate copies that break straight sway
Melissa Bethan - 3 jaar geleden
nice place
Sanjeev Kataria - 4 jaar geleden
I bought canabiss seed from this store Best seeds ever i bought.
Jonathan Vergeer - 4 jaar geleden
Poor service but decent food
Marco Mele - 4 jaar geleden
There are many shops but this is for sure the best I bought many things cause they got pratically all you can need in Amsterdam, the stuff nice as well (:
Gourav Jindal - 4 jaar geleden
Very good collection of cannabis seeds and head shop products beautiful shop go and buy from there..
Sham Meelu - 4 jaar geleden
Best cannabis seeds and good CBD oil happy customer
Gavin Harrison - 4 jaar geleden
If your a visitor to Amsterdam, Don't accept their offer to post it home for you, because you'll never see your seeds or money again. Thieves.
kamal jeet - 5 jaar geleden
best shop you can buy everything related to smoking and seeds of cannbis..

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