Magic Mind
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Voorstraat 32, Utrecht (Binnenstad)

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Josh Carver - 1 month ago
A wide range of products and a very nice owner. Loved the jungle drum n bass she was playing too. Very helpful with my purchases, will definitely return again!
Jadsar Martijn - 9 months ago
Just a smartshop, not to much to add there. I needed some African rue to induce a wonderful
Amar Ravi - 1 year ago
Great store, great staff! Super helpful, very educated on the products they carry
JacobMcDaid . - 1 year ago
The best smartshop outside of Amsterdam!
Cameron Moyle - 1 year ago
Small shop but a great variety of products and knowledgable staff. It was quite busy when I visited so maybe extra staff in peak times might be an area of improvement
paul - 1 year ago
Very good shop excellent service and information about products i purchased the ATLANTIS FORBIDDEN FRUIT very nice indeed not like others in Amsterdam staff take time to explain and inform thank you for the experience
Bob Evers - 1 year ago
nice little shop in the centre of Utrecht, 10 minutes walking from central station. some of the things they sell : mushrooms, lighters, a variety of smartdrugs, herbs, scales, various drugstests, bongs, scarfs pipes, and a lot more.... staff is very helpfull, and always friendly
Ozan Basar - 2 years ago
Great hospitality with smiley face, you guys should check it out
Asaf Baruch - 3 years ago
The worker is very helpful

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