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Voorstraat 32, Utrecht (Binnenstad)

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Moritz Weber - vor 9 Monaten
Helpfull staff and they have everything you could need. Were even able to order specific products that I couldn't get online individually.
SlipStreak - vor 11 Monaten
Best smartshop in Utrecht ! The owner is a really nice, helpful and positive man.
edijs sisko - vor 1 Jahr
Very nice atmosphere
'Colin Ward - vor 1 Jahr
Great place for presents. Service with a smile.
Deniss Markševics - vor 1 Jahr
Really good customer service!
Péter Tarcsai - vor 1 Jahr
Sheeeesh magic mind be poppin
D S - vor 1 Jahr
Great shop and great service! Even when the shop was already closed, the owner helped me out with something I wanted to buy.
Pablo S. Esquivel - vor 1 Jahr
Nice smart shop, the clerks are very friendly and willing to help.
Samuel Wegener - vor 2 Jahren
If I come here I always buy those scented stick thingies to burn for a nice smell and a roll of rolling paper so I can roll long and thin joints
Josh Carver - vor 2 Jahren
A wide range of products and a very nice owner. Loved the jungle drum n bass she was playing too. Very helpful with my purchases, will definitely return again!
Keanu Ciupka - vor 2 Jahren
Big selection of good stuff, go here for stoner gear!
Jadsar Martijn - vor 2 Jahren
Just a smartshop, not to much to add there. I needed some African rue to induce a wonderful
Amar Ravi - vor 3 Jahren
Great store, great staff! Super helpful, very educated on the products they carry
JacobMcDaid . - vor 3 Jahren
The best smartshop outside of Amsterdam!
Cameron Moyle - vor 3 Jahren
Small shop but a great variety of products and knowledgable staff. It was quite busy when I visited so maybe extra staff in peak times might be an area of improvement
paul - vor 3 Jahren
Very good shop excellent service and information about products i purchased the ATLANTIS FORBIDDEN FRUIT very nice indeed not like others in Amsterdam staff take time to explain and inform thank you for the experience
Bob Evers - vor 3 Jahren
nice little shop in the centre of Utrecht, 10 minutes walking from central station. some of the things they sell : mushrooms, lighters, a variety of smartdrugs, herbs, scales, various drugstests, bongs, scarfs pipes, and a lot more.... staff is very helpfull, and always friendly
Bert Brekfust - vor 4 Jahren
I've been coming to this smartshop for a while now. Service is always good and the owner in particular is a very nice guy. They will take the time to give you advice for whatever it is you're planning to take, which is comforting. The shop itself is rather small and packed. It has a suprisingly big selection for its size, albeit a bit limited one when it comes to accessories/souvenirs. Still, they'll have all your basic smoking/tripping needs.
Ozan Basar - vor 5 Jahren
Great hospitality with smiley face, you guys should check it out
Asaf Baruch - vor 5 Jahren
The worker is very helpful

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