Croeselaan 217, Utrecht (Zuid-West)

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Ioana Iozsiban - 3 weeks ago
Amazing customer service and the only place in NL I could find GOOD glass pipes . Would recommend
Kelly Bell - 1 month ago
Very kind, and knowledgeable staff. Absolutely recommend to anyone who is in town.
Sylvia van Amerongen - 2 months ago
Very nice service. Kind people. Customer friendly. Nice shop!
alejandro Gonzalez - 4 months ago
The best smart shop. Very nice atención
kevin van buuringen - 4 months ago
nicest people ive ever met deffo coming back asa regular haha
nikosas nikosaas - 4 months ago
Best of the best. Had best trip after visiting this shop.
Thanoontje - 6 months ago
Super chill staff with great selection of bongs for an affordable price! Def recommend if you're shopping for glass. Staff was very knowledgeable and happy to help me.
Skye Pompilio - 6 months ago
Been there multiple times, extremely extremely friendly staff, no problems with products, sells a wide variety of items. They are one of the only shops to sell seeds in Utrecht. Best smart shop in Utrecht!
Jermaine McGregor - 8 months ago
Excellent customer service Staff is Ultra Friendly and Helpful
Stephan Oltmans - 9 months ago
The only shop tha had the BLUNTs I Needed
Panachai Luveeraphan - 9 months ago
Great staff, owner, and definitely awesome bongs!!! Various collections of smoking accessories.
Teeratat Nopsuwanwong - 9 months ago
Nice place to find a quality glass bong. Very nice and helpful owner.
Machiel Schippers - 11 months ago
Great service ✨
Gotte - 11 months ago
Great service! Best shop in utrecht
Aaliyah - 1 year ago
Its amazing! They are really friendly and the service, advice and products are 10/10,; highly recommended:)
Will T. - 1 year ago
Best place in the City, staff is helpful and nice :)
kian hulsink - 1 year ago
Geweldige shop goede service en mooi assortiment ik kom hier zeker vaker terug
M vS - 1 year ago
The best smartshop in Utrecht! Always everything in stock and they take the time to explain the products well! 10+
Ashman Biswas - 1 year ago
Very courteous and helpful.
willem jonkers - 1 year ago
Very nice staff, offered help when needed and fun to talk to as well. Prices are great too. Thanks for the service!
Julian Van de worp - 1 year ago
Hele goeie service, aardig personeel en duidelijke uitleg over de producten die verkocht worden. Beste smartshop in utrecht
Martyna Batko - 1 year ago
Very nice, helpful, knowledgeable staff and a great selection!
Ryu - 1 year ago
Nothing is better than 030!! Good service.
Jan Berksen - 1 year ago
Excellent service. Many thanks!
Niki van der Gun - 1 year ago
Jason Bozoki - 1 year ago
very nice staff, lots of knowledge and stuff available
A - 1 year ago
Nice store, good quality products, within walking distance of Utrecht central!
Julia Lavandexx Dziemiańczyk - 1 year ago
I VERY RECOMMEND! Today I buy mushrooms. Very helpful and nice person! She helped, advised and explained! VERY, VERY GOOD. I LOVE IT
Justinas l - 2 years ago
Rytis Budavičius - 2 years ago
very helpful
Kim Soede - 2 years ago
Jean-Pierre Arends - 2 years ago
Super friendly..
Sylvando - 2 years ago
Goeie nieuwe vapes

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