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Hartmansstraat 26, Rotterdam (Centrum)

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1 free2rec - 3 maanden geleden
Perfect, as always I visit this shop, always very friendly staff.
Mariam Balushi - 6 maanden geleden
One of the best places ever. All the people that work there are super sweet and are ready to help with whatever questions you have
Dimitris Tsiaras - 7 maanden geleden
A nice little shop with a great variety of stuff, and very friendly and lovely staff. The girl that helped us was the best! Unfortunally they didn't have what I was looking for, but still had the best service and information from her, had a nice talk and a laugh, and I even bought something else in the end. So you got yourself a new and satisfied customer.
james hoffman - 8 maanden geleden
Always friendly workers and a good variety of good quality and fairly priced products
Dmytro Liubarskyi - 8 maanden geleden
The guy over the counter was super helpful and considerate!
Mohd Khairi - 8 maanden geleden
Good distination for vape and weed accessories
Petra Kollárovics - 8 maanden geleden
Very kind and helful service! The woman at the counter was eager to help and provide useful information about tripping, dosage and trip stoppers. Best smartshop in Rotterdam!
Jack Hagley - 8 maanden geleden
Great shop, staff very helpful and friendly
Arthur Tinel - 9 maanden geleden
Amazing service, great selection of products
Bart Smetsers - 11 maanden geleden
Fantastic smart-shop! The awesome young lady behind the counter helped me out greatly with knowhow and a big smile
Lula Smit - 1 jaar geleden
I love this Smart shop. great client service...just human to human communication you know. Other Dutch shops can learn from them
Akinga Ga - 1 jaar geleden
Nice shop, friendly people
GB R - 1 jaar geleden
An interesting stop.
Desirée Crafton - 1 jaar geleden
Dope vibes, the clerk was very informative and friendly! Got some dope seeds to go home with!! And their bong collection is out of this world!¡
Nicola Mandolini - 1 jaar geleden
Friendly and knowledgeable. Wide range of products at reasonable prices. Definitely recommended.
Matthijs van veen - 1 jaar geleden
Awesome smartshop!! Good advice and lots of choice. Really recommend it!!
Fanni Karolina Tóth - 2 jaar geleden
The shop itself was closed due to COVID but we got information and could conclude our purchase at the door. The lady helping us was very nice, helpful, and efficient. Looking forward to the experience now.
Bruna Cardoso - 2 jaar geleden
Really nice shop! The girl beyond balcony was super nice too, very sweet! ✌️
szekeres Anna - 2 jaar geleden
Hello, I had a very nice experience with customer service however, that is not what I can say about my trip. I bought the Atlantis truffles a month ago and took it today and nothing happened. I did not open the truffles and were stored like normal so I do not really understand how it would not have any effects whatsoever. Since it would have been my first experience and had really high hopes I am very bummed that it did not happen ;( It was also with a friend who confirmed that it was not only for me but the product also did not work for him. I also did not eat anything beforehand so it is definitely the product which had some issues I am guessing.
Faren “Furr” Cornelia - 2 jaar geleden
Very positive experience, the crew is nice and down to earth, if you have questions about ANYTHING, you can ask them. Anything smartshop related you can think of, chances are high that they have it (even cbd for animals). The store gives off a very open and inviting ambience. 10/10 would recommend.
Bram Dg - 3 jaar geleden
Employees are super nice, store has quite a bit of things to offer. One of the best in the area.
Łukasz Koziej - 3 jaar geleden
Super friendly staff that actually KNOWS what they have in store! good prices and a great variety of products! Definitely one of the TOP stores out there! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
Lost Monkey - 3 jaar geleden
Splendid customer service!
Dean Chan - 3 jaar geleden
Friendly customer advice Good variety of products.. Clippers half price of Amsterdam!
Nigel Rosierse - 3 jaar geleden
Amazing smartshop with a very wide assortment. Very friendly and well informed on what they sell. When in Rotterdam, definitely check out house of smart
lorenzo bonelli - 3 jaar geleden
Very friendly staff and good service!
Niklas Krantz - 3 jaar geleden
Very nice staff, really cool people. Worth a visit.

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