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Hoenderstraat 14, Maastricht (Maastricht-Centrum)

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Kees Van Den Heuvel - 1 year ago
Informatie gewonnen, top uitleg hier!!
Martin Mietz - 2 years ago
Geweldige headshop, groot aanbod, geweldige uitbaatster! Echt aan te raden!, beste kwaliteit zeefjes van Maastricht!
Gianluca Brambilla - 3 years ago
I bought here a portable vaporizer. It wasn’t working very well so I went back to the shop. The seller was so kind that she took it personality and ask her supplier to have a look at it. The day after she called me saying that she got a new one ready to be picked up. Really recommended.
Arnau Cardus - 3 years ago
100% recommended, nothing else to.say, been going for years now, not every week though
jeff k - 3 years ago
After I left the shop, I had noticed that they charged me $3.50 euro for each small pack of Three Kings Coals. These coals never cost more than 2 euro at Vision or Serius. Rip off! Also gave me the wrong blunt wraps!

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