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Kleine Gracht 41, Maastricht (Maastricht-Centrum)

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Frank la Mol - 2 months ago
Large selection and friendly advice
J. W. - 2 months ago
Excellent customer service
Kamal Sinno - 4 months ago
Nice shop with very friendly staff. Recommend!
Gomez Barboza - 4 months ago
Great variety and not so expensive
Luc Van Gucht - 2 years ago
Welcome to a new dimension, travel in your thoughts, on the internet of the mind (R)
Beau De Raeve - 2 years ago
For all round healing buy CBD oil here!!
YW mmm - 2 years ago
good service and nice experience ~
jesse hakes - 3 years ago
Staff was quite welcoming highly recommend knowing things if you plan to go also quite hard to find using google maps but well worth it once you do
Robin Wouters - 3 years ago
Always friendly, good service and they know their products. Easily my nr1 smartshop.. like.. anywhere to be honest.
Vinnie Janssen - 3 years ago
Dylan Westland - 5 years ago
Very nice shop. All products are professionally displaid and service is perfect and friendly. They have everything from truffles to rolling papers and from vaporizers to grow tents! Parking is a bit of a hassle but you can use 't Bassin which is around the corner. They can help you to carry the products (when heavy) to your car.
Nour kaddouh - 5 years ago
the GO to Place for smart / head / grow products. !
jeff k - 6 years ago
Good prices- Very poor customer service.

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