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Paweł Badurka - 1 week ago
Great service . Helpful, good-minded people who really care about their reputation. That's why they are the best. Lost Polish Guy
rodzertinas zemaitis - 6 months ago
Best service! Nice men and manny good things to buy. I recomended!
Nick (nick) - 6 months ago
Very friendly and helpful, cool shop
Reem Hajoj - 11 months ago
Great customer service, affordable prices, qualified consultation and in German too. Would gladly come again!
Vismay Agrawal - 1 year ago
The sellers don't know what they are selling. They can't even communicate properly in English. Prices are also very high compared to other shops.
Osvaldo Ramon de la Cruz Maciel - 1 year ago
buena atencion
Wizrdamon ofDigimonworld - 2 years ago
Good prices
Primož Jere - 2 years ago
The team which is working in Zwolle is beyond amazing. Very professional, dedicated, hospitality and service is top. Any given question and they have answers regarding the topics related to the shop. Keep it up guys and girl(s)! Well done! Prima
G3X525 . - 3 years ago
Everything what soul need

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