Kosmic Kitchen Food for Mind & Body
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Korte Haaksbergerstraat 34, Enschede (Binnensingelgebied)

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Tomita Raul - 2 days ago
Lots of love and respect for all the art and out of space items , very nice people to talk about a diverse spectrum of topics. I do have to mention that I love the music
Sebastian Linnemann - 6 days ago
Amazing place, definitely consult the staff before trying something new, they give great advice. Just beautiful.
Schookii - 2 weeks ago
Great Shop with amazing variety of products. The staff has great knowledge and will help you with any kind of questions. Familiar, friendly atmosphere. #dankjewel
DJ Mantas - 1 month ago
Like shop and "wikipedia", have all answers what you need, top quality shop, bouth, physicly and web
Hellen Slot - 3 months ago
Friendly staff. Have been here now multiple times and Everytime I got good advice. Prizes are okay
Yousuf Azad - 5 months ago
The stuff helped me with what I needed, gave advice based on my need, was patient with me. I would come back again for sure
Edvin Petkevic - 5 months ago
Currently, the best smart shop that I have seen. Pleasant service, nice prices, good stuff for sale
melissa rice - 11 months ago
This is an amazing establishment, with outstanding customer service and products.
Johanna L - 1 year ago
Friendly staff and nice products!
Mantvydas Juršys - 1 year ago
This outlet has a very big selection of products, however, I recommend people use other products from a different vendor.
Tobyaz 84 - 1 year ago
Awesome Folks over there! loving the customers support! Definetly best smartshop in twente!
Marcel Klinek - 1 year ago
Do not recommend. Unclear instructions and when they dont work they just make up excuses. But in fact same conditions worked perfectly for products from other websites, so in reality their products and service are low quality.
PinkUnicorn OfDoom - 1 year ago
Best store in enschede. Lovely people working there. Always good vibes, good music, good products and good people:)
clip - 1 year ago
Best customer support in any shop ive been to! They speak German, Dutch & English and are incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and super friendly!! Also nice vibe in the shop itself! 10/10
Otter Kenpachi480 - 1 year ago
Amazing place. For amazing journeys. Gift shopping. Very awesome and nice people working there. Some prices are very fair. Some other products like cloths are not for the tiny wallet people. Love this store. And recommend everyone for the first flight (in their minds) to come here
Louis Creed - 1 year ago
Delivery is amazing. Covid19 or not. 2 days later I have my delivery. The prices are also good. I would recommend this to everyone
Luca Frösler - 2 years ago
I've been going here for years. The staff is super friendly, helpful, patient and multilingual. They always know what they are talking about. I can really recommend this place! Sometimes you also get a free lighter or other things with your purchase.
Vismay Agrawal - 2 years ago
The best place in Enschede for psychonauts. More than just a shop to buy products, you can get good guide for tripping from staff. They know what they are selling, and they care about your safety. You can buy wide variety of Magic Truffles, Syrian Rue, Salvia.
w81n9 m313 - 2 years ago
I'd love to visit this place, so help me God
Gintas Poc. - 2 years ago
Super helpful and friendly experience. I cannot imagine a better customer service. Awesome place!
Tenz Dolmans - 2 years ago
Great store if you need any incense, handy tools, or just want to have a look around. Staff is friendly and helpful!
Robert-Daniel Banu - 2 years ago
helpful and friendly staff, great prices with a large variety of products

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