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Korte Hengelosestraat 10, Enschede (Binnensingelgebied)

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aurelija leonaite - 4 months ago
A great store with super nice staff who know exactly what they are talking about!! Felt very much at home in the store and they even offered me a can of soda. Highly recommended cityshop if you are in the center of Enschede!
easy life - 4 months ago
Amazing shop, amazing service. you can feel free to ask questions, they giving perfect service. friendly staff. highly recommend this shop!!!!
Jonas Virsila - 4 months ago
Awesome shop, love the community, got enough advice of which product to buy. Had a lot of fun with their co-operation, rather than other shops. Cant wait to come back again.
Modesta Leonaite - 4 months ago
Hello I'm visiting cityshop already 3 years,and my experiences all the time are wonderful
As Via - 6 months ago
I bought seeds here on two different occasions with weeks between purchases. Once for a friend, once for myself. I asked for automatic seeds. I got a plastic container with loose seeds both times - they seem to pick them out of a big box and put them into the container. Other companies have shrink wrapped blisters for a reason.... I got 15 seeds total. Not one of those were automatics although the box clearly says so and I asked for them. After month it was completely clear from a grower's standpoint that those were not automatics. I don't understand why this is happening but I'd advise against buying seeds here as they are more trustworthy sources in Enschede.
Tom Nelsson - 8 months ago
I asked the staff about edibles, he gave me a great story about the choices. Ended up being a normal brownie. I do not recommend, i was a bit sceptical, should have trusted my instinct. Stay away from this shop, it is not licensed to sell THC, but lies about it.
BAJAN SLOVAKIA - 8 months ago
today we visited, we were scammed by the staff. DO NOT RECOMMEND
Jáchym Rauš - 8 months ago
THIS SHOP IS A SCAM AND A TOURIST TRAP! I’ve bought a cookie and asked the cashier directly if there is any THC in it he LIED and said Yes. There wasnt any. Apparently edibles are banned in this region as thay told us in a real coffeeshop
Štěpán Riethof - 8 months ago
THIS SHOP IS A SCAM! We bought a cookie and it was fake. Even though casheir unsured us its real
Bartosz Spiewak - 8 months ago
Cbd cheating i buy 6g and i very disappointing
Pierre - 1 year ago
Very good, nice and friendly advice. Products are excellent and flair fits very well.
The Veltins - 1 year ago
Very good store! Good selection and very friendly
Brighton Buttens - 1 year ago
Super nice shop with nice people
Chase Drink - 3 years ago
We buyed energy cannabisdrink cannashock what an amazing drink much beautifull
Neto Ballack - 3 years ago
Top quality shop , with mush magic Atlantis we have really a good day
Alpha Blondy - 3 years ago
Nice city shop friendly people and so much choise!
Qlc Brandi - 3 years ago
Mushrooms very good chips!!! I eat the Valhalla i love the good feel!!
High Smoke - 3 years ago
What a great shop i’m so impressed! So much nice things it was all awesome.
Mayte Estrella - 4 years ago
First time seen! So beautifull Store and i take a lot of pictures.
Emily Lois - 4 years ago
Very Nice place to be! So much interesting things and a very pleasent ambience
Denny Livery - 4 years ago
It was a wonderfull shop to be. Thank you for the CBD oil it helps me very good.

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